A Year Abraham Agreement: Middle East Dawn Has Just Started?

According to the Parties to sign the Abraham Agreement, a year has passed, this Agreement is no longer a simple text, 'ink' on the page has turned into specific actions but every new positive 'is Just started '. At this day of a year ago, the agreement named Abraham was born on the United States, bringing Israel to normalize relations with two Arab countries as unified Arabs (UAE) and Bahrain . A few months later, Sudan and Morocco "connected heels" to participate in this Agreement, bringing the total number of Arabian countries with official diplomatic relations with Israel earlier with the two Egyptian countries and Jordan on the number 6. From Left right: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, US President Trump, Secretary of State Bahrain Al Khalifa, Foreign Minister Uae Zayed Al-Nahyan After the signing ceremony of the Abraham Agreement on September 15, 2020. Photo: Politico "Today we are here to create historical processes

. After decades of division and conflict, we are marking the dawn of a new Middle East "." Yes, this is a turning point of history, is a new dawn for peace. " The father of the two American leaders - Israel at that time, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu when placing the Abraham Agreement Pen and the two Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom (UAE) and Bahrain at the White House
A few months later, in accordance with US expectations, there were two countries Arab countries participating in this Agreement Sudan and Morocco. One year passed, the embassies of the parties are appearing on each other's territory To further promote the newly established bilateral relationship. Trade flights, economic cooperation agreements are entering reality. High-level visitors have taken place regularly. However, with Israel and 4 Arabian countries signing the Abraham Agreement, every new positive is the beginning. In an event celebrating an Abraham Agreement to be signed in the US due to Israeli United Nations held, US Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield has affirmed that in addition to promoting established relationships, the US will find for Israel new Arabies. Notably, at this event, in addition to representatives of 4 Arab countries participating in Abraham, there was a guest representative from Oman, the Arab country did not normalize relations with Israel. Antony Antony Blinken It will also hold an online meeting with Israeli authorities and Arabs to join Abraham on September 17 to emphasize the support of the current US government with the Agreement whose predecessor of the country Wird construction. In the same time, former US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo also said that everything is still waiting for the parties to the front: "Many things have been achieved in the past year and what nice has come to People in each country participate in the Abraham Agreement. Israel will be better
The arab country is the same. Leaders of countries need to continue this path ". However, many people, including former US senior advisor Jared Kushner -" Architect "of this Agreement, is worried that everything will break if The parties "do not nurture" the terms and turn them all into reality. In fact, the agreement normally the relationship between Israel and Sudan has not been completed. The agreement is facing a large protest in this country. Notably, at the events to celebrate an Abraham Agreement, Sudan's representative hardly attend even the invitation. Added into it, since the US and Israel had a new government, there were no many more Arab Country involved in the above Agreement. This is actually worth puzzling, especially in the context of Israeli and US administration with new differences in Palestinians, from two state solutions, sovereignty settlements to issues Regarding Jerusalem. As in the statement of former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu at signing, the Abraham Agreement also helps to restrain threats from Iran in the region. However, recently, Arab countries, including "the British" Saudi Arabia is having negotiations, from secret to public with Iran to stabilize the area instead of the conflicts And unstable. It can also be part of other arab countries to hesitate to think about Abraham - the agreement named the father of 3 big religions is Judaism, Christianity and Islam ./. Dinh Nam / VOV1 synthesis

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