Abandoned His Wife To Grab His Dear, Children And Their Ex-wife Sent ‘gift’ To Make Her Husband Stunned

The husband discovers horrifying secrets after receiving a special gift from wife cu.Truong case of a man named Li Dong (renamed) posted on Sohu, China recently has attracted so much attention that mang.Theo community, Li dong shared the second marriage of his tragic and wishes to everyone for advice to solve the current situation tai.Ly tortuous to get married wife girl thanTIN CONTACTS QUANDem day in the forest, the group heard a rustle, view camera, immediately snatching minhLy East shared, he and ex-wife love each other from college, both have a romance 4 years have a wedding in the fullness of the blessings of friends who than.Cu think after private homes, both will have a happy life and be together for life, but the reality is not so

. after 3 years of marriage, Li Dong was first thought to the issue of divorce with his wife. The reason is because the family's side continued to press about children, but his wife always find ingenious excuse to refuse the issue. At the same time she put all the attention to his career and said he wanted to make more money to care for life after nay
Giai this period, he felt no reason to find common ground with his wife and feels tired current marriage. Fortunately, there's her best friend and his wife still regularly ask, confide and cheer him. But also because this would make him arise emotions unnecessarily with other friends gioi.Anh hoaTIN RELATED intelligent "Lost in the snowy mountains, couples do to keep warm": Male candidates blush response receive luonMang paintings go testing been criticized authors, boys angry: Looking 4 script is not to say that? After hearing her friend farewell lover, he Ly decided to go drink took courage to confess to This girl. No doubt that he received a contract y.Niem happy to be immersed in love makes you forget that the reason he had married. After a period of surreptitiously dating both, many times her best friend loves him sulking because she had become the "third person". Climaxed she said her friend was sticking his election and demanded a reason for his mercy for lovers phan.Thuong list, in time his marriage was falling into deadlock Ly and cold. Therefore, he has decided to divorce Li with his wife, after treatment finished, the fun went procedures than
Sau marry her when you take a new wife, both career path career and marriage he Ly all fullness. What makes you most excited to mention that his wife has just given birth to a baby boy lovely plump. It must be said that his life Li as "turning a new page" filled with joy and happiness. "Gift" from his ex-wife that he married stunned vangKhi firstborn son full month, he Ly decided to hold a meeting small feast celebration. Relatives are generally happy with his family to him, but suddenly she Ngo - his ex-wife appeared and said that "gift" would like to donate anh.Sau own when making paper bag for papers something to former husband, Ms. Wu did not say anything, but quickly left. Anh Ly quite unexpected but still opened see his ex-wife wanted to put things gi.Anh hoaKet results proving just see things inside, he felt everything Ly collapse. Things former wife sent him back to the sterility test results of the Chinese hydro anh.TIN CONTACTS car clubsThe reminder: The little tight layout should not refrigerator in this position! This is the secret that she Ngo always trying to hide, which is also the reason why every time he mentions the problem Ly children are shunned because she did not want to hurt her husband this long.Luc he Ly know the whole truth, it was too late. He felt disgusted extremely current wife for so long had deceived him, and also feels ashamed and sorry for the wife suddenly arise cu.Su so not sure what to make him reason how marriage minh.Cong 2nd netizens have left many mixed comments about this case his reason: "Be definitive divorce, and the other to feed humans ever?" " If you want to save face, keep maintaining this marriage "" and the opportunity, look how sorry and come back with his ex-wife, "also many people criticized him and said that he" You will reap what it sowed ". If you or someone close encounter case tortuous listed above, then you will give advice and settle this like? Poll UK Ly should do in this case? You can select one item. Your votes will be selected khai.Dut divorce decisively with current wife. Asked his wife not to divorce but now the whole thing and agreed to accept the child as a son. Divorced with current wife and ex-wife apologized to find opportunities back.

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