Abandoning High Salary To Start A Business With Automobile And Motorbike Components

At the age of 33, Duong gave up quite income jobs to go home with a creative home with mechanical decor. Wearing many people saying 'crazy', he still believes in his decision.0: 00/5: 00 southern "true fat", "is a stable job, stay home to do", " To see the bored breakdown right away, "It is the words of Nguyen Anh Duong (Hung Yen countryside) received from people around when unexpectedly doing managers at the company specializing in manufacturing components and equipment with Pretty income level. At the moment the translation of Covid-19 causes many difficulties for life, he decided to stay at home to pursue a passion for art mechanics decoration. Duong Duong comes with mechanical decor arrays for over a year And manually make many products

. "At the age of 33, there was no more career opportunities, stopping or turning to another direction of what anyone had to retreat to think, especially when his 2 children were still Very small. Everyone is shocked, thinking it is a decisive decision. But that's what I cherished for a long time, "Yang told Zing
Not everyone could make a new marriage and positively contributed to opening a small beer shop, but because she was sick, he was temporarily locked Squirrel him. Commercial daily wife working away from home 30 km, he asked to go to the company near where she worked.ba passed, based on the capacity, seriousness and dedication to work, from maintenance staff, Duong Become a department manager and get a lot of other arrays. It is also an opportunity for you to be in the art mechanical decor and make many unique products. "My husband and wife likes to do business, so Working wage is not in a long time. However, his wife gave birth to 2 consecutive children for 2 years so he was guarded in passion for financial steady. After the commune returned to work, he decided to quit his job to make mechanical decor ", he said. Some Anh Duong products created when they were in the old company. Particularly in An Xa, Kim Dong district as a place where the dream of starting a business. Everyone knows and ordered him as a dragon, chicken, decor
Within the next 6 months, he plans to open the workshop, hire more people. The head, Duong refer to the decor samples available to learn, then use the components available to create their ways. He also learns more cutting techniques, mechanical welding and daily practice to improve skills. According to the positive, the process to make a product is up the idea, visualize the shape, then rely on Linh Equipment available for cutting, assembling, pressing frames and welding in detail. Rough finished products can leave the soul of mechanical or grinding between, paint correction for more beautiful according to customer needs. Every product will be different. For example, simple mosquitoes, positive can do in the morning. The more detailed gecko, he took a day or a dragon needed about 2-3 days. With the clock model or the Livestream table attached to the engine to create the movement of gears, couplings and download chains, The final time will be longer. "The biggest difficulty is a lack of workers because this segment is not everyone can do. It requires meticulousness, enthusiasm and some art. I have to do it alone, so I should be quite good, "he said.Duong revealed the selling price according to each product: simple and small, about several hundred thousand dongs; More details range from several million to tens of millions. He explains mechanical decor products values in toxic, strange and characterized by manual calculation, bringing a lot of people's essence, so the selling price will be higher than commonly displayed products. Mechanics require people to have meticulousness, enthusiasm and fine arts. When hearing many bad words about his decision, Duong said he didn't bother it because he clearly identified the direction. "I'm passionate This work is blown into heavy and lich components. The feeling of being able to creative and the minute completed the work made me very interested, "said 2 children to share. In addition to today, many people in Vietnam enjoyed the mechanical decor but not many people Really passionate and capable of doing. He also participated in some associations, online groups that gathered people in the same passion for exchanging and learning. Leaving meaning more when they heard their husbands to tell art mechanical decor at the first time, Ms. Do Thi Nga (27 years old) , Mr. Duong's wife, is vague and suspicious or. However, she understood her husband's passion and always supported him. "The husband's work was convenient and suddenly rested, probably a bit regretful and made many people skeptical. However, I feel very happy because of that decision! Because he dared to give the adventurous but enthusiastic choice for his own passion, "Russia told Zing. Russian was eager every time she found her husband to make a new product. Change in Mr. Duong's career, Ms Nga asked her husband: "I've read it somewhere: 'Regardless of what do you study, when I go to work to find your favorite work. Thus, you can have fun from 6am to 18pm. In addition, look for a friend who loves, to

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