Abbank Encourages Transactions By Electronic Mode

From July 9, 2021, TP. Ho Chi Minh began stretching the city social entrance according to Directive 16 / CT-TTg to control Covid-19 translation. Therefore, An Binh Bank encourages customers to trade by electronic mode.ABBank stops trading activities on Saturdays for all business units in the city. Ho Chi Minh to respond to Directive 16 / CT-TTg

. Photo: Thu Huong before the situation of Covid-19 epidemic is complicated and should be strictly controlled, An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK) performs a stop operation of the 7th day for all Business units in Ho Chi Minh City are available for maximum support in the epidemic period, ABBANK implements debt extension or payments for customers via email, customers can add Subscribe after the city unloads blockade orders. The bank also has special credit appraisal and approval process in the city stage of ways but still ensures compliance with the State Bank's regulations. ABBANK also adjusted the cash limits at the counter, the Law of the Fund Law at ATM
In this stage, ABBANK encourages customers to carry out transactions through electronic forms and digital banking applications such as AB Ditizen, Internet banking, ... and contact the bank when there is a need via email, phone, fax, ... to limit direct contact and reduce the risk of infection in the community. The bank has also raised the limit Online transactions for customers up to 2 billion VND / day for individual customers who opened an account at the trading counter, limit of VND 100 million / day for customers to open online accounts via EKYC form. In addition, business customers and SMEs also have to raise standard transaction limits to VND 2 billion / day. Ngoc Linh

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