About 30 But Not Married, Young Men Pressured For Their Parents … Divided Into Their Own

In modern society, the unmarried children often make many parents worry, insecure.0: 00/3: 43 South of the South with many parents, their greatest desire is to see children wise Large, mature, soon find prayers with me to build happiness. So after seeing I went to work, raising myself, many fathers, the mother urged her child to marry, get married. However, because of the grace should not be a boy, every girl soon found a prayer with me. With 30 but not married, young men pressured for their parents

... divided into land Separately here, on a large attraction group on social networks, an unnamed user shared his own story
It is known that this male male is 28 years old, there is a temporary job. After the first love broke, he felt loss of faith, so he didn't think about love other people. Recently, due to the disease, you are in a lot of people, so it makes parents worried. Even parents also divided the ground to let his guy out in place, with his wish soon marrying. Strict, guys don't have a girlfriend, other gender you are still surface. Therefore, the guy boldly on the forum to ask how to get acquainted with the gender. (Artwork) Extracting this user's confidences: "I stayed here for a long time ago. Viewer. I am 28 years old. Nowadays I have been reminded of my wife too, but also feeling about getting married
Toway the type after love, I don't break, I'm not forgiving with love anymore, yes Duyen came not stopped but did not actively go to find it. My family I wanted to married too, also divided the land to chase me out in a separate. Seeing me dancing in front of her eyes itchy and everyone. I myself feel like I want to settle. Suffering for the other gender, kids, I don't mink. Are you different, so hard, do I do wrong? Naturally I feel blind, want to make your wife not to start from. I know how to get used to your girlfriend, just me. " This has received sympathy T Yes a large number of users on social networks. Many people say that the parents urged their children soon, it was easy to understand. However, they also hope parents sympathize and do not put pressure on their children. Because the number of uncommon. (Screenshot) "27 years old, I would like to levey the slippers, everyone keeps getting married, and where the wife is where people don't say ', the user Pham Nation wrote. "Take care of a comment. I went to my wife, but I didn't know each other. Now there was a 19-day-old kid ", the user Pham Hung commented. Help the boyfriend to get used to a girlfriend a truth everyone recognized it was hard to think of anything interesting to texting talking With a special girlfriend if you almost don't know anything about her. At first, don't be too pressured to flirt with your girlfriend quickly through the message. Please consider just a common conversation, ask Visiting Xa Giao. Normally, there are 4 topics that you can use to talk in the first time-friendly friendly messages: Family: Ask questions around your hometown, homes, member Family, cultural habits, living ... Likes: What are you going to do? There will be a lot of time I will choose? Work: Why do you choose to follow that industry? Is it because you want or the advice of everyone ... in the future, what do you want and do it? They are planned to ever be completed , I have plans What particular? In addition, there is a little trick for boyfriends that you should focus on the problems she likes and chat is funny and interesting. The guy texting girls in this way will often do the following. For example, she likes to travel, find out where in the world she really wants to come. After that, play the role of bringing her there and imagine what the two will work together.

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