About The First Cultural Village In Lang Chanh District

vhds.baothanhhoa.vn is still the village with low-lying stilt houses in the green of the mountains and the Thai, Muong tone in the traditional outfit ..

. but Tan Thanh Cultural Village, Tan Phuc Commune (Lang Chanh ) Now like wearing a new shirt. A new shirt (now Tan Thanh village) is recognized as the first cultural village of Lang Chanh district. Tan Thanh village (formerly known as the village), the village Recognized the first cultural village in Lang Chanh mountain district, felt the village was put on a vibrant green color
Early morning fresh, sunny afternoon, and the night down cool, the more and colder the colder, pleasant for a deep sleep. The only thing that the village still holds her own is trembling, safe and remote with the town of Tri Hoa, crowded. Is recognized as the first cultural village of Lang Chanh district (since 1997) , Tan Thanh village since the past is still considered "cradle" in the movement to build a cultural village of the district. With 167 households and 757 people, mainly Thai, Muong ethnic people live, so the relatives here always preserve and promote the traditional cultural beauty of their people, which are: Singing or brocade weaving ... Chat with Mr. Le Hong Khanh, Head of Tan Thanh village on the movement to build cultural villages here, known: Construction of cultural villages that are difficult, maintaining the title is harder. So the villagers in the village always unite, helping each other to hold this title. To meet the increasing cultural demands, relatives voluntarily participate in contributing money, public day to build Village cultural house in 2017
The cultural house is built according to the architecture of houses with enough playground, flower garden ... and the hall contains 120 seats, full of equipment. The project is considered a "symbol" of the solidarity of the relatives in the village. In particular, there are many individuals voluntarily contributing money, supporting more speakers, tables and chairs, television. Typically, Mr. Le Cao Green Households, Le Trong Tuyen, Le Van Chien ... Cultural House Tan Thanh was built spaciously built.Phong cultural - arts, fitness - sports in the village Strengthen. The movement of building cultural families is always focused, the village has 122 cultural households. The rate of poor households decreases gradually over the years. In 2020, the village only had 5 poor households and 49 near poor households. Building a cultural village on the basis of inheriting and promoting local traditional values and is the right direction, effectively, contributing to Improve the material and spiritual life of the people here. Nguyen Dat

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