About The Institute After Pregnancy Surgery, I Looked At The Barrel Of Mother-in-law And Cried

I and my mother-in-law didn't match it so long, it wasn't for a long time, but I just heard the news at the institute of being a mother-in-law to send 2 food barrels.0: 00/2: 37 namkhi The house's eyes, the first person to protest this marriage is my mother-in-law. She said my house was not worthy of my house, even moreover, I was skinny, pale, I didn't even firmly, then shoulder the position to be the position of my daughter-in-law. The decision to split into the city, but our charms were not shallow, so more than a year later seeing we decided to hold the hands to continue the path ahead no matter how difficult it was. Heavy love so I finally closed my eyes, eyes opened for us to get married

. But, every day, she was about to prepare the right 3 to bring to my parents to make my parents extremely close. What a sample is a daughter who is dignified, born in a poor countryside, worth it Is it unusual? From that day I will tell myself to never forgive my mother in her husband even if I have my daughter-in-law. So, after going home, in the face, I'm still a good daughter-in-law but of course I Only make all the responsibilities, but I don't consider my parents who are my parents
The mildment of a year of marriage, my husband and I still don't have any acne. The first time that the motivator would have later, but then it was not progressive, we decided to go to the hospital to check. What I did not expect a doctor to conclude both normal and absolutely likely to be parents. The doctor said that, my mother-in-law was also quite impatient, she also bought a male medicine Let me not drink. I think I didn't have any disease, it was even uncomfortable with her. More than 2 weeks of more than 2 weeks of expression, I bought a pregnancy test strip to try it happily to see the rod to 2 lines. Knowing I was pregnant, my husband was also happy to be wise, he called home to announce immediately for her husband's parents. After my husband and wife went to the hospital, I went to an early hospital, I wanted to wait for the ultrasound results. Receiving the clay watching that I was pregnant apart from the uterus and had to conduct surgery. At the same time, I could go home
Just came to the house with a car with two barrels of big food, all kinds of nutritious things like chicken, birds, eggs ...., my mother-in-bed mother knew what she had sent to me To quickly recover health. She also called me to motivate me that my children were Loc League, we kept calm, impregnated, staying healthy, I would definitely come. Looking on the barrel of the mother's mother to send it with the words from the bottom My heart I cried. I have long been so small, selfish when I accepted my mother in my old stories while she was wholeheartedly treated with me. I just wanted to run back to her hometown to hug her and say thank you. At this time I really found myself very lucky because I have such a mother-in-law.

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