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'I miss you home / remember to soup spinach remember the soy sauce'. As a traditional Vietnamese dish, compatible into the hearts not only because of her melodious songs, moms but also thanks to the rich taste of many loved ones. This day, there are many localities producing Soy, but the most delicious still has to be mentioned in the town of Nguyen Yen Nhan, My Hao district, Hung Yen province. Connect Hanoi - Hai Phong connection. As soon as you arrived here, visitors are not only impressed by the same size bottles but also the typical, passionate flavor in space

. Is it difficult to do it, but the stage is very competitive Phu and take time. Moreover, in order to have bowls of nurses, fragrant and sweet and experienced techniques and experiences of each household. Interaction consisting of three main stages is to spinch to mold, reclining and composting
First, the cooking person will put a clean pickled sticky sticky and cooked into a ripe sticky ribbi. When the ripe ripe is ripe out to be hot, nia then leave for about two days two nights until the sticker on the gold mark. Molds are both more and more racecal. Sticky rice on the landmark is merged with soy sauce, water and spices and then brewing less from two to three months to produce a delicious batch. To simmer and color, people do the same regularly Morning and lunch. The sun light heated the jars, helping to be ripen faster. The more and more sunny is the faster the faster the faster. Through many ups and downs, the villagers still try to keep their careers, keeping the secret to making excellent sauces. On average, each household is compatible for four to four-workers, but when entering the peak incident from March to 8, large-scale aspects often attract 10-15 workers with about four wages Five million VND / person / month. According to Mr
- Vinh Pham / People's newspaper

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