Abraham Lincoln’s Way Of Life

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 - April 15, 1865) is a politician and American lawyer, the 16th President of the United States since 1861 until he was assassinated in 1865.Abraham Lincoln. InternetLincoln has led the country to overcome the US civil war, the country's moral, cultural, constitutional and political crisis. He succeeded in preserving alliances, eliminating slavery, strengthening the federal government and modernizing the US economy. Here are the ways to behave Lincoln's life

. Defeat the opponent by making friendslincoln with an extremely special way of dealing with a special way. Instead of taking care of how to remove their opponents on the market, he takes advantage of their strengths as needed. He retained many opponents to work with him and let them work in important positions in the cabinet
It was those opponents who helped him to hold their positions. The university draws: Always confronting his opponents is not always good. Finding ways to alliance with them. Holding them with themselves to help you have just supervised them, and have more strength in resolving work. Want to success must have a good preparation of Lincoln's famous Slogan: "If if Give me 6 hours to tighten a tree, I will spend 4 hours to grind ax. " For the important milestones of life, Lincoln usually spends a lot of time to prepare them. The learning learns: If you want to succeed in your career, right from now to take the study time , Accumulate necessary skills and experiences. Similarly, if you want to have termites through sesame durability, you have to build yourself with nice qualities as well as skillful behavior at anytime, anywhere. Shortlincoln has many speeches that have been resonated in history, the common point of those speeches is very short and concise but creating good effects with listeners. Or during the communication process you should avoid the ring, go straight to the main problem
That helps save time and bring comfort to the listener. Liftimer into lifelinoln is not a person lucky. He was born in a poor and unhappy family, even the way to become his president and filled with failures. But not so he lost his faith in life, thanks to that faith after a series of final failures he also achieved success. Studying learns: Your life is sometimes too much difficult and challenge, but try to have a positive look at yourself and life. Whether you're happy or not because of your way of looking, as Lincoln once said: "Don't feel sorry because the rose dust There are thorns that feel happy because in the dust with roses. Live a meaningful life "The years in your life is not important with your life in those years." Lincoln did not live long, but every moment he existed in the world, there were certain impacts on the US destiny, which was the meaning of the meaning that he lived. Edited learns: Let's live with the days You live. Let's find it in love, dreams to pursue it so that tomorrow you will never have to regret about the moments in my life have passed. Ball (synthesis and collectibles)

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