Absolutely Smart Women Don’t Do These Things With Their Husbands To Keep Their Marriage Happiness

If you want to have a happy marriage, long-lasting happy husband and women should stay away from these things. Because it is easy to make the marriage marriage: 00/1: 51 South Vietnam don't tried to challenge him with her husband! Sometimes "unhealthy rice, unspoken soup". When contradictory reached the peak, unbearable, women, often loudly challenging "I challenge you ..

.", "I dare to do ..
", "Try it ..." ... This is really not As a wise act, the consequences you get instantly from challenges. Because when you're angry with men do not own themselves. Although, after calming down, knowing is the wrong action, he sorry but that action will create an invisible wall of the affection Two people. (Artwork) Do not know how to care for the beauty for the man who loves his wife, often saying the bad wife is not important, women do not rush to believe it
In the past, men all loved with their eyes, so ugly you will definitely make him quickly boring. It's reason whether it is a woman whether married for many years, please maintain your beauty. Remember, the negligence of beauty, costumes and daily activities will make husbands lose all the romance and feelings for his wife! (Artwork) Don't compare him with any Aim in the common diseases of wives is often comparing their husbands with other husbands, often extracting husbands, giving your neighbors, her husband, then comparing, warm, sharpened because of being Losing. When compared, many husbands felt unused, insulting, self-love, they would reflect vehemently. Put the case on you, if your husband regularly compare you with another wife, do you feel uncomfortable? In fact, any marriage also has a problem "in a blanket to know how to have lice". Compare her husband with other husbands, only benefit harmful, causing the love of the rift and marriage on the shore. Therefore, taboo in marriage is comparing her husband with other husbands.Theo Phunuvagiadinh

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