Nobody wants to take a husband of her chief because it makes you unusual. Remember this method, happiness is still within the reach of the sisters. I am nearly 35 years old, I have a husband and three children. I have a stable job in the state agency, but more externally, it is possible to take care of yourself and children without economic dependence on your husband. There is a good position in a state agency, very Love your wife and children

. If you look outside, how many people wish to be like my family. But my husband is quite happy, causing me to hurt. I always like to control, don't let me do, never listen to me, I always have to do his will otherwise he will curse and Make me
You can catch my wife and children to listen to the watch. If I stopped it, I just cursed. I feel miserable and don't know how to change my husband?. The message of Tue An Tam's expert: want to change her husband, first of all need to change self. Be determined that your disadvantages make your husband unread and gradually change to get her husband's faith. Consolidate yourself to your husband to trust and respect your heart to what you have. In fact, it is not possible that the husband can change or that change is not satisfied with wives. Therefore, if you want to live with the chief, the hardest of her husband, it is best to apply the principle: Observation, no reaction, let go. The men often liked to direct, like others to subminate themselves, like to show their power with his wife. Lastly when the ancient women are arguing, only things are worse, the best way to change him It is letting go
When her husband complained, blame, it's best to be silent, yeah, don't say it because only the debate extends more than the most hot husbands are very hot and always thinks that I'm right. If he was wrong, he still tried to argue to win his right part, never accepted the loss. So, the smartest behavior for you is not irritable, not exasperating or arguing Ly with her husband as soon as both are arguing. You need to be calm, silently waiting until the anger is soothing and comfortable to talk about this issue, gently talking to her husband so that he understands the problem. So new new and stable new marriage.

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