‘accommodation Physician’: Stories From Remote Volunteers

'All are volunteers, all because of the people who are in need, which are forces together to build a network'.0: 00/9: 32 nam south of the "companion physician" is established by the Association Vietnamese young physician and the information team responds to the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, in the emergency situation at the end of July at the beginning of August when Ho Chi Minh City and several southern provinces are stressed because of Covid disease -19. Chapptibly participated in the same number of teacher's accompanying physicians of Vietnam Young Discharias, PGS Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh spent everyday evenings after working hours to call for patients. Nguyen Tuan Anh does is Associate Professor, Head Researcher of the Australian National Gender Research Institute, and Associate Professor at other two universities

. Brothers before studying pharmaceuticals, should be a member of a volunteer teacher , take care of light patients through Tele Health. Chapel participate in the same network of physicians of Vietnamese Discharias, PGS Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh Spend daily evenings after working hours to call patients advice
The most painful English is about special patients in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, who is at the beginning of the first ink Healthy, okay, no problem: "In the early days of calling, her voice in the North British, there was something that seemed like he wasn't really open, he could wear himself About what he was sick, "Tuan Anh said. Thattice, the next days PGS Tuan Anh not only monitor symptoms according to the form but began to ask more patients about mental health, habitat, strength Healthy family members. The patient's patient after the kindness of the physician's visits, pouring the initial way, timidly confided about the difficult family when the whole family from his hometown to the village was poor Dynamic, the neighborhood melted because the man suffering from Covid-19. The thing makes him panic, is the news of the most scenic wife born for Covid-19, after the horrifying day carrying her by motorbike Looking at a place where no hospital has a place, the last point she was received was a hospital 115. The father of his son was also insulated to treat each person a place, in the city that was completely blocked because of Covid-19, and New home. After contacting everywhere looking for a wife, he heard that his wife was too sick, so he was transferred to Cancer Hospital 2, but did not know how to live in their wives. Calls from the maternalist network , should have been to take care of care for him - a patient who is on the recovery momentum, unexpectedly becomes a lifeboat for two fathers who are terrifying heavy psychology. From Australia, PGS Tuan Anh contacted the Colleagues in the network, finally believing that the wife is deeply coma, having to use the machine in the active treatment room of Cancer Hospital 2. And because the system has not yet been updated with the patient's daughter's name, Assoc Tuan Anh has spent daily calls to check the health of both parents. "I see that you have no place to grate
And every time I call, the number of 18001119 switchboards just appeared, Minh has not claimed anything, he said a lot, my health is stable today without any symptoms. Do you have any new news about your wife? Those questions are on my heart. I feel too much, so I don't stop watching even though you are eligible because after going home more than 10 days remains the risk. I became a person who reported to him every day. And I kept contacting my colleague to ask for your wife's news, while talking to him, mostly just letting you know about your wife's information: Today she is still like that, still breathing machine without progress what." - PGS Nguyen Tuan Anh confided. Accompanying medications deployed from 1/8, through many times, each with always thousands of doctors, pharmacists and medical employees both at home and abroad to participate as a doctor Consulting, volunteers in the network, to screen, care for F0 patients, reduce the load for the first online medical system.Hairy PGS Nguyen Tuan Anh is currently in Melbourne, please join and be recruited Select the network of physicians with the first days when the program was established. His wife, Dr. Dang Thu Ha, is doing a Doctor of Digital Medicine, Swinburne University of Technology and Peter McCallum Institute of Cancer, which is recruited by a physician. The type of level of F0 patients, in order to promptly coordinate with local health and field doctors to ambulance severe cases, while reducing the load for the health system of Ho Chi Minh City is overloaded Because of flooding emergency calls. Dang Thu Ha doctor participates in F0 patient screening. A case of her work often calls from 50-70 patients. The daily work of people who teach and research, you spend the time in the evenings to the same colleagues in the network support network sick. Because the number of patients is hundreds of hundreds of doctors, volunteers, their workloads as well as copper

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