Accompanying Youth

Starting a technology time 4.0 with highland areas is still a fairly new concept. However, many highland young people know how to explore, learn knowledge from books and internet to build the development of the family's economic models. Since then, the creator movement, the establishment of a highland youth has a strong spread in the community. Thanh Nam Trading - Technical Services Co

., Ltd is established by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trong with revenue of about 2 Billion VND / year. (Picture of the character) More than ten years ago, Mr
Nguyen Thanh Trong (SN 1986), in Hai Phong, in Hai Phong, the family moved to Ba Che district to live and work with the desire to seek the opportunity to get rich On this land. Before the initial difficulties, challenges, he was not discouraged and determined to realize his idea. He is now the owner of an enterprise in information technology in Ba Chanh.nhnh sharing: when moving to Ba Che live, my family only has 7 million dong. But thanks to the local support, I received a loan of 50 million VND to do business. Family open a small store specializing in repairing and providing computer components. This field in Ba Be has few people to do, so only one time I have had crowded customers. The prestige in business, with quality products that have helped him trust more and more customers. Since then, his small repair shop has grown into Thanh Nam Trading - Technical Services Co., Ltd
, with an annual revenue of about 2 billion dong, creating jobs for many local workers. He was also trusted by the trust in the Starting Investment Club in Ba Che district. Currently, Mr. Trong is the director of Tra Hoa Golden Tra Ba Truc Cooperative, specializing in purchasing tea products produced by the people here. Start-up in the highly developed highlands in recent times, no less Youth embarked on a start-up journey with many new projects, suitable for the market in and outside the province. Many start-up investment clubs in localities have had eliminons of target youth, excellent expression in the fields of agriculture, tourism, service ... model "Application of artificial insemination technology in cages Cold, Links in Chicken Livestock Dam Ha "by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien received a Luong Dinh Award. Typography such as an initial investment club in Dam Ha district (established in 2017), has contributed to nurturing, Connecting, developing business ideas, start-up projects of young people in the district has a desire to enrich, have a passion for business and have a spirit of startups. Up to now, the Club grows to 25 members, the club members shall support each other in production and business development. In 2020, the club had two ideas participating in the idea of entering the Rural Youth Startdles organized by the Central Youth Union, both ideas entered the top 10 in the northern region. In particular, the idea of starting a business "Applying artificial insemination technology in cold stables, bonding in the chicken breeding of Dam Ha" by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien (Tuyen Hien Cooperative, Quang Tan commune), was in the ring Final contest and received the Luong Dinh Award, Ms Hien also honored the Prime Minister for a certificate of merit. Alert the youth on the path of establishment, establishment, Thanh Ha district Youth Union also coordinated In case of organizing consulting programs for examination season, career orientation, job introduction to young people in IPs, coordinating with agencies and units to open training courses, transfer of science and technology for cultivation and blankets feed. At the same time, it is trusted with CSUA Bank to create conditions for young people to borrow money for economic development. Many young people have risen to economic development, escape poverty, enrichment, with typical models, such as: Organic agricultural model of Mr. Truong The Do (Dai Binh commune); Quang Ninh Cinnamon Cooperative Model of Anh Ly A Tai (Quang An Commune); Garden model - Ao-Bar of Mr. Bui Van Thang (Tan Binh Commune) ... Accompanying and established youth, the establishment of the Group has helped the highland youth boldly invest in developing tissues Pictures of production in accordance with the characteristics of each locality. Thereby, inspiring many young people trying to affirm, rise to the legitimate enrichment.

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