Across The Bridge

My hometown is about 10 kilometers away from Thanh Hoa city. Through the poetic hybrid bridge lay squeezed himself through the code of the code, it was on the side of the bare rice, came to his hometown. Many times, walking on the bridge, watching the flow of mangrove water flowing like Nguyet Vien Bridge is the screw curved two heads, durable, resilient, throughout the development journey of homeland, land Water. Nguyet Vien Bridge squeezed himself through the Ma River, like a screw curved two heads of the head, one side of Thanh Hoa city dynamic, bustling, growing, one side are peaceful countryside. Here, when Nguyet Board has not been built, from Hoang Loc (Hoang Hoa) My hometown to Thanh Hoa city has to be up to Hoang Long bridge and yeast according to National Highway 1A, the distance is twice as long as now

. Therefore, on that day, every time she needed to go to the street, also to consider, arranging very carefully, calculating the time to go back to the nearly one session, what was approxing. Because of that, the city was as close but also a feeling of dividing. From the day there was a bridge of a bridge, not only the people of Hoang Loc but the communes in the Southeast of Hoang Hoa district on a road that bon bon reached the street
Many times, the day on the street to the busy are only to meet the hire to hang away shopping, gather friends Le La several snacks, lemon tea slashes wind. This is more rejuvenated, it is a rush line from all over the luminous rural roads to turn on the city to work, buy and sell ... the path of life is shortened later with them Can stay home to take care of their children with a decent breakfast, can save a little gas of gasoline and time home in every afternoon less leaning, looking forward to. That's it, behind the presence of a bridge is just a story of traffic, economy but also meaningful, deep cultural and social values like that ... Thanh Hoa City - the main center Treatment, Economics, Culture - Society, Heart of Thanh Hoa Province, where the day of the person who has a lot of people pouring about the stream of people rushing through the bridge of the bridge every day, I am like a child of this dynamic city, bustle. Like many other children from a certain countryside day on the street "earn rice" and then return to return
Although there are hardships, difficult times, challenges, hulling and stumbling, but I always feel lucky, happy to get into the journey to my hometown of my homeland. The friend sat confided with each other, often said: "I see you are lucky, so happy. Being a passionate work, the right school is living next to the family, devoting your home to your homeland. It is the desire of many people. "Really, until today and later, I still thank my hometown to welcome, giving me such a nice opportunity. Dare not think I will do anything great to respond to the beautiful high gesture of the street, every day, I promise myself to make myself a lot of effort, trying a lot, dedicating a lot, contributing a lot Small parts into the construction and development of cities and hometown. In order to understand the sincere plate, record my contributions. Thanh Hoa City has just undergone a way of social ways to follow the Prime Minister's Directive No. 16 / CT-TTg. Looking at the image of the city stretching against Covid-19, suddenly suddenly, injury to choking. Heart working night day, great heart, the source of life of life is also tired that is not allowed to stop resting. It was a high mission that it had to shoulder, but then the city surpassed. Because of the peace, the lines of people rushed from wanting to return to the city to continue their journey. So, each person - from citizens of the city to the people who live in part-time like me, are strict with ourselves, considering each of their actions, strictly observing the provisions of Covid prevention and control -19 In the next time, so that the city is not more time ago, the "adopted children" of the city no longer have to be far from the roads on the day they live.

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