Actively Bid Farewell To His Girlfriend But 3 Months Later Bowed To Return To Return, The Boy Was Scolded By Cdm: ‘yes Don’t Hold, Lose Not To Find!’

After breaking up, this guy shows regret and wants to go back but everything is late instant. Love brings. So until the love story was burdened in the middle of the road, many people felt regret, wanted to go back to the person he loved like it was all late. Farewell to his girlfriend but 3 months later bowed to return, he Boys were scolded by CDM: 'Yes don't hold, lose, don't look for here, on a group of groups that attract a lot of social network users, a user name LN has confided its affectionate story. It is known that this user once dated and the old lover ever made her many times hurt, suffering

. The person who breaks up many times and then makes a draw. By the last time, she calmly said farewell and now had a new lover. Up to now, use a guy with a valve, shy how it is, she can't go back
Then turned to make me suffer and cried much. But after breaking up the last time, I was normal again and then I had a new lover. And today he suddenly texted himself to reputter himself Although I know I have a lover. I just want to share everyone knowing that "Don't keep losing not to find". (Screenshot) This user's share line has attracted a large number Pay attention to the online community. Many people think this is a lesson for boys and girls who do not value their love, their lover. By the time the lover left, love broken, every effort All the drawing words also become meaningless. "Doolly, you", the user Ngoc Linh wrote. "Yes don't hold, lose not to find a boyfriend", the user light commented. Help the daughter dissemium A sad hand was happy and smiled and laughed
If yes, make sure they are repressing pain. The daughter takes time to practice getting used to everything. Describing it was sad, sad to say was sad, wanting to cry, screaming loudly without trying to laugh and say, "I'm fine". So let's live with your emotions. If sad, cry big for sadness. Please allow me to have time to grieve because time will heal all wounds later, "Please buy more lipstick and continue fighting." Please talk to your best friends while still love , Did you forget your friends for so long? This is the right time to go to "faulty" and share with your friends. They cannot forget to immediately or bring that person back to you. But they will bring comfort, encouragement, adding strengths for you to overcome this pain. Now immediately plan for long travels, go picnic or simply dating normal milk tea . There are friends beside, please talk, share with them so that the sadness quickly goes through it. No contact with the old lover Many sex girlfriends still often contact the old lover. Frequently watching their personal page only makes you hurt. In addition, you should not tex on, cry, crying, and pulling him back. Harms than women will text, call crying and pulling him back. What relates to him, you should get right away from your head. The wound has not healed, the pain is not calming, don't let what regarding them stay in your mind.

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