Actively Prevent Freckles

Freckles are one of the common skin problems, although it does not affect health but often causes us to lose confidence in the aesthetic. According to medical professionals, there are many causes of freckles such as genetic genes, hormones, UV rays in sunlight ... If proper prevention will limit freckles instance

.02 / 1: 54 namtheo namtheo TS.BS Nguyen Thi Hien - Dermatology expert Share: The main cause of freckles includes: genetic genes, hormones, UV rays in sunlight. So we often see, my mother is freckled, you are prone to freckles
Common freckles in women. The level of exposure to UV rays is a leading factor to start and do heavier freckles. Natural freckles are usually harmless. However, freckles caused aesthetic reduction, especially freckles on the face, causing a lot of women feeling inferior, self-contained and wanted to treat. Turning like lasers, applicators, oral medications, can also access and use completely natural therapies. Use which methods in the above methods, doctors recommend that : Need to protect the skin from the impact of UV rays including shielding, using positive sunscreens and avoiding sun (especially from 10am to 4pm). You will not be able to treat or prevent freckles if you do not perform this principle. Besides, moisturizing is also an important mechanism to help skin enhance the ability to resist work Lotion from UV rays. So remember to moisturize 2 times / day. Diets need to rich fruit, vegetables
Abundant antioxidants in fruits and vegetables are internal sunscreen barriers from within the body. Not only helps you prevent and control freckles that this diet also helps you become increasingly rejuvenating and energizing. Also need to drink plenty of water. The skin or the body needs water to maintain moisture and cell activity, circulation or toxic discharge in the body. So drinking water full will help your skin be healthy and fresh ... th. Brother

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