Actor Khanh Van Makes Many Fans Unexpectedly Bluntly Share Talking About Movies 18

The shared lines of Khanh Van about watching movies 18 have made many unexpected people instance.02 / 1: 01 nam nam nam new, Do Khanh Van has caused many unexpected people when sharing the story "first watching movies 18 "On your Instagram page. Specifically, the girl and fans have played "True or Dare". Before the question: "How old are you watching the pig movie for the first time?" And "said the first time studying sex education," Khanh Van was frankly replied to the lover. Specifically, she said: "As a year 9

. In Buon Ma Thuot, I still have a shy and Be naive. There are no more modern networks like now. I have been studying with a condom and a cucumber
Don't remember how much it is because at that time, all her and the game are afraid and My class laughs still. Closing the lesson, I still don't understand anything. Really until the 12th grade I knew how men and women slept together. I accidentally watched the movie on HBO, there was a hot scene, but was cut between About. I'm too, curious to go to YouTube Search How to see the movie. Go to the University I just know, watch the movie, don't watch in Youtube ". The shared lines of Khanh Van have made many people unexpectedly. Thereby, each person can see the sex education story is set. Sharing about gender issues for age groups is extremely important. New new, students who do not avoid curiosity about gender, the change of physiological mind of each person is also different
This is also a rare time Khanh Van shared itself "delicate", especially in the period she was a student.

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