Actor Thanh Tan Shared A Short Conversation With Her Mother Who Was Emotional

The reason why the actor Thanh Tan (Tan Tru) continued the work of labor during the epidemic season, causing many people to do not touch the epidepype of the year. Share the conversation between you and your mother on your personal page attracting the interest of fans. The image of a woman pulling the garbage car on the road, wearing a hat and a closed mask introduced by actor Thanh Tan: "Know whoever is, my mother is everyone". Photo of Thanh Tan actor. After that, Thanh Tan recalled a conversation with her mother: "I ask my mother

.- Mom! Translation is like that, the mother's mother is not afraid or how to go to work so much? My mother answered a question I was silently im. - I'm afraid of me but now I don't do it? I only know how to pray for my mother to be healthy, "said Thanh Tan. Wish you are always healthy, because she has protected the health of the community "; "Love cheeks 4
Wish your cheek 4 is always healthy and peaceful"; "I remember watching her, I led my mother to the stage. Since then I always admire me. Wish your mother a lot of health "; "Overstalling and bowing my head, I should be proud and proud to have such a mother." "Thank you who brought silent value to society" ... are some comments from netizens. , Retired and is doing more waste collection in the village. Since acting as an actor, Thanh Tan has shared a burden for his mother. "My life gradually became more comfortable, no longer handing his hand with her parents
There is nothing happy with going to hold money about bringing her mother. In the past, my father kicked the cyclo to make a living. I lost nearly 13 years. And she was a public service, went to sweep the road in District 11. It was a transmission from her grandmother to move to my mother. My mother this year in addition to 60 years old, retired. But she still went to pour the garbage car in the neighborhood. In the near future, I will call her to work well, just stay at home to keep me "- Thanh Tan spread.

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