Actress Suggested To Marry After 1 Night Dating: Adopted Nsnd Ngoc Giau, Childhood Without Mother

Before public affair with her boyfriend but only after 1 night dating, she demanded marriage, actress Ngoc Hoa also joined you want to date to find a lover 9: 00/6: 08 nam people Ngoc Hoa is not a name that is familiar with the audience but is a girl who is loved by many colleagues. Ngoc Hoa is a daughter of NSND Ngoc Giau, she has everigned a champion of the comedian academy contest in 2016 and is the face covered with many comedy show games today. No looks ..

. eye-catching but she is very graceful , both on stage and in real life. Her cute and cute witness leaves a great sympathy for many people, right from the first meeting. The poem is not very mother, afraid of three to the point that doesn't dare to learn the flower as a comedian, she not only broken laugh For the audience when he went to stage but also caused his colleagues to laugh because of his witty and humor
However, everyone mentioned the family, her parents are Ngoc Hoa ... quickly tears. It was probably the only weakness of Ngoc Hoa. Mother of Ngoc Hoa died in her class 1. Little girl and sister grew up under the care, to cover the doctors and fathers strictly. The sudden departure of her mother made the three of the pearls shocked. He forgot sadness in alcohol enzymes. It was this unintentionally becoming an obsession with her
Jade flower, champion of comedian academy 2016 soon orphaned mother from small. She and her sister grew up in his father and guys "small days, I was afraid of three so much that I didn't dare to talk, every time it was to avoid. The atmosphere in the house was suffocated so much that I didn't want to go home to eat rice" , Ngoc Hoa used to share in a TalkShow. Because there was no mother not close to her father so he was small, Ngoc Hoa was very stirring. She played to the level of truancy, stole money to go to the internet. At school, Ngoc Hoa is so frequent to be invited by a teacher.Ba of Ngoc Hoa also said that he was angry with his daughter because of less visits, sometimes cooking delicious food, calling for children but she also caught Yes, I don't go back to work. The cold food is not cold with the loneliness in his lap when the house has only 2 father and son that feels distant. Because at home alone should three of Ngoc Hoa very little when cooking. He used to share: "At home alone sad, sometimes poured noodles with rice to eat. Many food in the refrigerator is full of refrigerators that alone should not be able to eat." Jade flower, from baby to big, She had never said the sentence "Three Three" but every important moment in her life never was absent from him. Ngoc Hoa Day participated in the comedian academy exam, the rain was flooded in half of the wheel, he still cried Run motorcycles onto the shooting school to cheer my daughter spirit. Midnight, he had to push the car from District 9 to District 8 because he did not go floating. All the programs of Ngoc Hoa, the three of them watched no episodes, even considered to look back, and ask you through the level Ngoc Hoa was "scolded capital" that he arrested them to consider a show to ... 8 times. New when mature, mature, the new Ngoc Hoa understood his father. She cried when she read the letter he wrote him. That's when, Ngoc Hoa understood the feeling of the 20-year roasty roasty man. And more than ever, Ms. Thuong Father came to crush. Leading flowers and three in a Talkshow about the family from Ngoc Hoa's mother died, he was in the middle of the jargon sisters. Journey to join you want to date and recommend Wedding after 1 night appointment of flowers used to confide, on stage, she was very confident, but in real life, she was quite ... in her oversized appearance. She also acknowledged himself a little ... confine in the love of men and women. However, when she fell in love with Ngoc Hoa to attach a lifetime. Her faithfulness was shown in a 10-year long love with his old lover. My new, Ngoc Hoa shared in the perfect piece of puzzle, "I used to have a 10-year love with ex-lover. However, the more they loved each other, the more he could see when he was not worried about the future and caused me too much ".Theo actress, their love was heavy with money rice rice. "My first love was too much money with rice rice, but I burd into too much, so I wanted to have a boyfriend who was able to finance independence, don't begive, have a little opposite and don't gentle Excessively don't be lazy, "Ngoc Hoa shared. After that 10 years, Ngoc Hoa used to go on the show you want to date to find a boyfriend. She shared on this program: "I came here with the aim of really obviously wanting to find a new relationship. And the one I put on top, the first person must have a solid financial". Ngoc Hoa once joined you want to date, she and you have even pressed each other, giving each other with hope to hope to marriage in this program, Ngoc Hoa and you men have clicked, Give each other Opportunity dating. At that time, Ngoc Hoa said she was happy to get used to you, and thank you to my parents at the studio. The actress also hopes that the two will go to marriage and be daughter-in-law. However, the new boyfriend she publicly public with the press is others with the name of Hoang Thang. Actress shared: "Meet Hoang Thang, To

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