Actress Uses A Venom Of Skin Care

Kate Beckinsale receives many opposes when advertising an anti-aging product line made from a green scorpion venom.0: 00/2: 13The Namtheo Page Six, British actress - Kate Beckinsale - Notice becomes Representing cosmetic brands specializing in using venom of green scorpions in beauty products, anti-aging skin for women. Also shared with fans about beauty tips with scorpion venom Green for a long time with products such as recovery cream, night cream, serum, moisturizing mask ..

. actress Kate Beckinsale. Photo: WWD.Kate Share on the personal page: "The venom of green scorpion has been clinically proven to stimulate natural collagen production against free radicals, helping to regenerate symptoms of damaged skin Loving and blurring wrinkles on the face
"However, sharing about the beauty secret of the British actress received mixed opinions. Many people identify the venom of the green scorpion can only be used in the medical field, there are no studies in skin care. The rest assums that the products of MRVL Skin Solutions cosmetics have not been granted Patent from international associations. Verified @ Adamson2441 expressed in the actress's article: "I really haven't trusted the beauty products from the venom of the green scorpion. Never heard Kate Beckinsale shares this secret before, only when she becomes a brand representative. Does these cosmetics are safe for the skin. "The poison of the green scorpion is used in the field of making pretty. Photo: Healthy Care. Also, another beauty also received much controversy on forums. Vampire Facial (Vampire Facial) is one of the unique and controversial beauty methods
It is known more when Kim Kardashian shares is nourishing the skin in this way in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. According to independent, blood skin care is now more closely monitored after the 2 customers using this service in New Mexico (USA) positive for HIV. This will increase the risk of infection for others. Then, Kim Kardashian also acknowledged that she felt regretful to beautify this method. She described it very rough and caused painful. "Before doing it, I found myself pregnant. Therefore, I couldn't use anesthesia or pain relievers," the American star wrote. Darren McKeown said Vampire Facial is the controversial method in the beauty world: "People take blood from patients. After that, blood is handled in a centrifuge to extract plasma containing platelets and weaknesses Growth factor. They use this on the face. "Kim Kardashian's blood beauty method. Photo: Elle.

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