Add 7 Banks To Participate In Fast Money Transfer Napas247 With Vietqr Code

From 23/9/2021, the service 'Quick Transfer Napas247' with newly expanded VietQR code with 7 banks including: GPBank, PVCombank, NCB, PGB, Shinhan Bank, HDB, SCB. By the moment, customers were able to carry out money transfer transactions with QR codes on the Mobile Banking application of 21 banks.0: 00/3: 25 Southern national transfer service Napas247 with VietQR code by ancient company The National Payment of Vietnam (Napas) coordinates with 14 first member banks to launch the market on June 15 / 2021. The current time, there are 21 banks participating in connection The service allows to perform Napas247 quick transfer transactions with VietQR code for both the direction of moving and receiving money at the mobile banking application of banks. In addition, customers have opened an account at 51 members of the system

. Napas's Mini can easily receive money with VietQR code through creating personal QR codes on VietQR.Net website. Napas247 Quick Transfer Service with VietQR code is the form of money transfer made through the QR code scanner Personal math, helping customers simplify to enter information: Banking orders, account numbers, number n need to switch every time the transaction is made
Money transfer operation only takes 1 - 3s, implementation 24/7 with the maximum limit of a transaction is under 500 million dong. Quick transfer NAPAS247 is a form of non-cash payment convenient, fast, safe Particularly appropriate in the context of both the country has both epidemic and economic development. Service is suitable for diverse customer groups. From small businesses, business household units, online sales, shipper, ... can create vietqr codes for their own to receive money from the transfer person through the form of storing VietQR code on mobile device, printing vietqr code at Payment counters, mounting vietqr code on website, facebook, online sales page or direct sharing of VietQR code for money transfers. This is also a non-contact payment method, not simply simplifying payment operations Limit direct contact to prevent disease infection. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Napas will continue to coordinate with banks to expand Napas247 quick transfer service with VietQR code. Along with the expansion of network connections between banks, mobile money and mobile money (Mobile Money), Napas247 quick transfer service with VietQR code will increasingly meet the needs of people as well as serving the operation of the economy, contributing to the development of non-cash payment and national conversion targets
Vietqr is a common brand identity for payment services, transfer services with QR codes Handling over Napas networks and member banks, payment intermediaries, domestic and foreign payment partners. VietQR complies with QR payment standards of EMV Co. and the basic standard set for QR code issued by the SBV in Decision 1928 / QD-NHNN.Danh Book 21 banks providing quick transfer services Napas 247 with VietQR code includes: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, BIDV, MB, TPB, Sacombank, VPBank, VIB, MSB, ACB, SeABank, LienVietPostBank, Namabank, Vietcapital Bank, GPBank, PVCombank, NCB, PGB, Shinhan Bank, HDB, SCB.Thanh Thanh

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