Add Surprise From Checkmate: Unmanned And An Ai Application

According to Sukhoi's disclosure at the MAKS-2021 Aviation Exhibition, the Stealth Plane Checkmate will be developed with 2 versatile and unmanned versions. Detailed pictures of the CheckMate fighter have been revealed in the video Record the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit the new Russian products on the opening day MAKS-2021 on July 20. "The new generation indexing aircraft checkmate will be developed for both Russian Air Force and towards Export for customers is intimate. What makes the special of this fighter is that they are developed in parallel with 2 versions: have a driver and unmanned. To optimize all the ability to fight of Checkmate, we will apply the latest technologies in Russia's military aviation, especially artificial wisdom (AI) ", the presenter introduced at the MAKS-2021

. Remove the entire cover of the opening day of the MAKS-2021 exhibition. The image published, checkmate has an engine, with a large front windscore in front of the cockpit similar to the X-32 prototype of Boeing. The aircraft is equipped with a tracking sensor and clinging Infrared pepper (Irst) on the nose, with the lid of the cockpit glass slide to the back of the Su-57
checkmate fighter designed with two small front weapons compartments in front of replies, most likely for the name Fire against short range, with a large weapon cavity under the abdomen. The exhibition time has a Kh-59MK flagship missile, which is said to be one of the weapons that will come with checkmate. The image in the video is announced by the Russian State Rostec State Group on the same day also shows the tooth air conditioner Saws of Izdeliye 8 engines are developing for Su-57. New fighters appear on July 15 at the MAKS-2021 Aviation Exhibition venue. It is unclear that this is a complete model or prototype, no specifications of the aircraft are published. The military expertise commented This is the stealth fighter with the F-35 US line, no There are many common points with Russian fighter designs announced by Russia. An American intelligence source indicates that Russian fighters are named Screamer (screamrer) to simplify identification and announcement in combat, but do not give the reason this name is selected. (Tuan Vu)

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