Add ‘whale’ Bitcoin Wake Up After Nearly 9 Years Inactive

A wallet containing 616 Bitcoin has just been reactivated after more than 9 years of operation. This number of assets equivalent to nearly 30 million USD compared to the current market price.02: 00/1: 39 southwide data from the Money Trading Trading Tool Whale Alert, an anonymous user has reactivated Wallet contains 616 copper BTCs at noon on September 19. Currently, this amount of bitcoin costs nearly 30 million USD. On Twitter, many users think there will be a huge Bitcoin semi-great sale

. In 2012, the number of Bitcoin was worth about 6,667 USD. Compared to the current price, this anonymous user's property has increased closer to 4,400 times. Whale Alert's post confirmed a wallet containing 616 Bitcoin has been activated again after nearly 9 years inactive
"Whales Bitcoin "is the term to refer to large BTC balances, which can affect the market. This is not the first time for long-term Bitcoin wallets activated after a long time to stop working. On August 18, Whale Alert shared the "revival" of a Bitcoin "whale" in Satoshi when there was a transaction to withdraw 484 BTC after more than 7 years of deactivation. Before that in February, nearly 2,200 BTC, worth over 105 million USD at that time, was also transferred from a Bitcoin wallet that did not work for a long time. This shows that the first Bitcoin investors may be transferring this money into another property.James Howells, an English engineer who accidentally throws a hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin in 2013, total estimates worth up to 246 million USD. This Bitcoin number is available from the Howells time using the computer CPU to dig. As of November 2013, the value of Bitcoin was at 6.5 million USD. Since then, he always finds ways to find a hard drive from the landlines
In the giant Bitcoin mine in Iceland ENIGMA mine established by Genesis Company. ENIGMA's ENIGMA ENIGMA is more than $ 1 million because there are tens of thousands of work computers.

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