Admire Exciter 150 Degrees ‘catfish Head’ Of Yamaha R1

This is one of the first Exciter 150 people who played in Vietnam in Vietnam to choose to completely re-finals the first part of Yamaha R1.0: 00/1: 42nam northern region of the Exciter 150 is owner "coral Variable "New style based on the first part of the yamaha r1 with the style of the car claws backwards, plus the windshield plate as of R1, this exciter is populated by car calling according to the rustic term is exciter degrees "catfish head". By the head of the car and stroking behind so makes people think of the top of the catfish. The head of the car is quite strange and equally strange. Brembo brands and two double discs apparently eye-catching R1 cars for exciter are also new styles

. Because before that R1 has the head "owl eyes" because two large headlights shaped like the eyes of owls. This headlights are small shaped, located at the bottom, in the middle of the air suction cavity. Front to be taken from the BMW S1000RR OHLINS shock absorber installed behind the car and the ducati kit So hardware toys on the car are also inherited from a terrible car line
In the front, the high-end OHLINS set is taken from "shark" BMW S1000RR. While the front brake disc from Galfer is also equipped with Brembo racing brake clamps. The saddle of the car is also renewed for the entire warm but the power of Akrapovicphia after the car also has an OHLINS damping system crossed with a loose oil tank Sports car styles, with extremely unimaginable, drenched from the expensive supercar line Ducati Panigale 899. Comes with the eggplane with a large rear rims with tires for the racing version. Unable to The lack of colorful titanium snails in the total amount of money that the employer spent on this exciter 150 to 300 million co-owners, so that this level had to spend more than 300 million dong with the same time and effort creative, design.

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