Admire Supercar Mclaren Saber With Unique Paint Color

One of the 15 McLaren Sabre super rare has recently been sold with new conditions. The selling price is not published. February 122020, McLaren introduced Hypercar Saber with a limited number of only 15 units produced and particularly more sold in the US market. The carrier from England said it was a special "gift" that the carrier was for this market when customers who bought Speedtail could not comfortably use their cars on public streets. Even so, customers who buy Speedtail in the US account for one-third of 106 types of hypercars produced

. When launched, McLaren Saber will be a model that does not use the most powerful Hybrid drive system Supercar comes from England produced. Saber uses dual turbocharged V8, 4.0-liter capacity (M840T) similar to Hypercars like Elva and Senna
The motivation is tweaked to produce maximum capacity 824 horsepower, higher than Elva 20 horsepower , go with the maximum torque 800 nm. With this power, Saber can reach a maximum speed of up to 351 km / h.Eased to see, McLaren uses Senna's chassis platform to develop Saber but the new model has impressive appearance with Steam street view more. At the beginning of the car, McLaren has redesigned the nose part with a seamless, the new wind splitter connected to the two wheel cavities. Wheels are detailed, designed to embrace the two heads, dome through and continue Connected by the hips to last behind. The headlight cluster is set in the lamp cavity that is similar to many cars at the present time, however, the LED range of horizontal placement has been removed. User using a single seven-graft tray, made of materials light. The characteristic butterfly door of McLaren and the "double" window on Senna is still used on this model. Saber's tail striking with a fixed wind set with similar part designs on Senna Gtr. Below is a large diffusion, made of carbon fiber
The engine cap is made of carbon fiber with a variety of special air hole details. This escape hole not only helps the engine better heat sinks but also helps improve the efficiency of airflow through the car. Inside, McLaren Sabre's driving compartment still has minimalist design and use of more details made of carbon fiber Like Senna, featured screens, helmets, integrated control clusters on the driver's seat ... However, the racing seat of the car model "men" has been replaced with new, comfortable chairs And more smoothly, it is still impossible to adjust the back. New way, one of the 15 McLaren Saber was brought on the old car market. This car is currently present in Califormia with the most special and different transgenant paint color compared to the remaining 14 units. The car carries the 8th order number of 15 pieces. In the exterior, this McLaren Saber owns the paint color called Pacific ColorStream with the ability to convert colors according to the perspective. This color scheme is made up because the blue color lists the purple and finally orange. To create a highlight, in the border of aerodynamic details or border hosts, paint colors are tweaked a few pigments to show other colors when looking at. Hope with other high-end segments of McLaren's most high-end segment , Saber still has an external shell body to do it entirely with carbon fiber. On this car, the middle part of the car door, wind wings, diffuse and Lip front bumper is covered with glossy paint and protective substances, revealing the beautiful carbon fiber weaving to go out and in the inside, the interior of the car Wrapped black Alcantara material is mainstream with blue-contrast stitches. Carbon fiber is widely used and present almost all the details of the cockpit, from the seat frame to the table -Lot, steering wheel ... in Ti hydraulic support door, steering wheel and chair border, Pacific ColorStream paint color is used to adorn the driver. Unknown the amount that the new employer must spend Own this unique McLaren Sabre. However, the starting price of the car is speculated at 3.5 million USD. At this point, this McLaren Saber only rolled 172 miles, equivalent to 276 km. Vo Hoang / VOV

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