Admire The Beautiful ‘enchanting’ Scene Of 6 Natural Holes In The World

Below are the charming beauty of holes around the world that nature has generously given 9: 00/3: 38 nam1. Dean green hole, Bahamash Blue Dean is located near Clarence Town on the Bahamas island, it is known as the deepest green hole on the planet with a depth of over 200 meters. Normally, the depth of green holes is only about 110 meters, but for Dean green holes in the Bahamas island, its depth up to 200 meters. On its surface, Dean green holes shaped similarly to a circle with a diameter of 25 to 35 meters. When diving to a depth of about 20 meters, the width of the hole will increase and its diameter up to 100 meters

. Green holes are the way to call simulating deep contrast between dark blue in deep water and light blue in the empty place around it. Dark blue is made by high transparency of bright white water and sand. These holes are formed by groundwater in deep slowly erode rock layers until the thinnest soil layer falls
Then the rising sea level covered these holes and they became green holes.2. Bimmah pit, omanh omanh omanh omanh omanh came to the weak sandy soil and limestone layer above the collapse due to a led ground from the coast 500m away and maintained the amount of water in the hole. Only with an area of 40x20m, Bimmah still has It can be proud to own a contrasting landscape to an impression. Between the hot heat of Oman, Saudi Arabia, the saltwater lake Bimmah in Veo, the green is worthy of being a downstream paradise. Landscape of arid limestone land, inferior to the vitae around the surrounding glamorous blue bottle filled with the charm of the lake. There are adventurous travelers who like "dance" from the rocks into the water without going Stairs.3. Ik Kil, Mexicoik Kil in Mexico is considered one of the most magnificent places of the earth, which allows visitors to swim. Standing under IK KIL You can see the sky with the sky with a part of the water surface about 26m
The Ik Kil deep number is located near the Chichen Itza ruins of Maya, which is considered a sacred land in the mind of This ancient civilization. Ik Kil is considered a human sacrifice site for gods Rain because many pieces of bones and jewelry have been found in deep waters of IK Kil.4 falls. Zacatón, Mexicoel Zacatón is located in the Yucatan Peninsula Center, which is considered the deepest hole in the world and the top destination of professional diving people. Although it is not suitable for swimming, the lake with the grass layers above forms beautiful natural landscapes to look at.5. Pit Morning Glory, Wyoming, America is the most important and most beautiful hot water hole in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA, where there are hot water with vibrant colors, shimmering in the clear water Around the mouth and the bottom of the lake. Lake Morning Glory named a beautiful vines that means "brilliant morning" by Mrs. En McGowan, the park manager of the park is set by its similarities with this flower.Morning Glory Pool has an area About 190m2, about 7m deep. The temperature in the lake before reaching 100 degrees Celsius is suspicious in the east days, making the scene more fanciful. Around the lake appears strange bright colors like seven rainbow colors. Dawn, when the first rays showed on the lake face, Morning Glory looked like a colorful flower.6. Nerversink PIT Nerversink Pitneversink Pit is another famous limestone hole of the United States. But different from Morning Glory, this hole has no water. Only 50m, but the smoking pig of this lump easily makes people consist of an implicit that leads to the center of the earth. However, not so that Neversink Pit is inferior to attracting. The plaque of moss and ferns clinging to each stone edge and small streams that flow have a lot of photographers here. Many bat species and rare ferns need to be protected also lived here.Theo Thu Huong / Petrotimes

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