Admire The Pristine Looks Of Ayun Ha – The Most Beautiful Mountain Lake In The Central Highlands

With a water surface of up to 37 km2 surrounded by the shutter ranges, Lake Ayun Lower has long been a destination that cannot be ignored for those who want to explore the wild and majestic beauty of the Western forest mountain Raw, dry, the area of Ayun Lo Lake has a pristine beauty to the heart of Hồ Ayun Ha is an artificial lake, forming when the Ayun River is blocked in early 1994, to start construction Building Ayun Lower irrigation works, main dams and lake water supply in Chu A Thai commune (Phu Thien district), from the city. Pleiku 70km to the west. The main flooded area of the Lake of H'Bong Commune, Chu Se District, the dry, the lake is a bit shallow (Photo: Dinh Lo) to 2002 completed works. Lake Ayun Ha has brought high efficiency to stabilize lives for ethnic minorities, limit many trees and deforestation. Children of Ayun Ha Lake (Photo: Dinh Lo) Lake Ayun Ha Applying irrigation water for 13,500 hectares of wet rice, also a large water hydraulic supply lake in the area, Ayun Ha Hydropower Plant has been built into the national electricity grid with 2 units coming into operation Cave with a capacity of 2,700kW

. The beautiful pristine (Photo: Dinh Lo) with a 77km2 wide surface, a capacity of 253 million m3 of water (Fixed with normal surge), Lake Ayun Ha is also a place to provide Large aquatic sources for Ayun Ha and TP. Pleiku. In addition, the lake surface is also a place to organize water sports activities, organize fleets and boats serving tourists to visit, picnic sightseeing and sightseeing
Rows of trees and vegetation created Beautiful paintings for the landscape here (Photo: Dinh Lo) Lake area There are quite a lot of pristine points for visitors to stop exploring such as: Lonely Island, Cow Camp, Suoi Lim ... Visiting, traveling on the lake Ayun lowered by boats to watch the beautiful scenery (Photo: Dinh Lo) tourists can go to Ayun down by waterway and road with native residents of native residents are very impressive and charming during the trip . Beautiful Ayun Lower Lake (Photo: Dinh Lo) If the bride couples - the roots are not afraid of the long distance, like to explore the pristine beauty of the river forest mountain, to have beautiful romantic photos during the day Wedding, this is the most ideal place. Mr. Dung / Resource Newspaper

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