Admire Unique Photos On The World Photography Day

August 19 is a world photography day, which is the day to honor passionate people. Held for the first time in France in 1893, this is an important milestone, marking the birth of the world photographic industry. The lens looked at the camera lens at Zoom Torino Zoo, Italy. Photo: AFP Ceremony was selected because on this day 1839, the public was introduced a method to get the printed image - DaguerReotype, prototype of the photo. This invention belongs to Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, who purchased by the French government for new products promising and claims his invention is "gift for the world"

. Daguerre's invention is the first step towards photography as a widely approached "technology" and how to save photos called DaguerReOtype.daguerre used a piece of copper, polish it to the level of reflection as Mirror, and cover it the solution to record and save the image on it. At that time, just for the contact surface for a long enough contact with light, we obtained the image
This is the "View from the Window at Le Gras" work that NicePhore Niepce recorded in 1826 in France. This photo is open to the world photography and takes 8 hours to record. Photo: NicePhore NiepceMan on the World Photography Day, let's admire some photos going into the hearts that photographers around the world have to spend a lot of effort and time to get a picture. On Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: AFPTrung US Marines for a Afghan boy in Musa Kala See photos on digital cameras. Photo: AFP people participating in traditional trading festival taking pictures in Luzon village, Spain. Photo: APH Divergain Hanging Divers Illustrations Of Photographer Andreas Franke At Florida Keys National Marine Reserve to attract attention to protecting the ocean around the world before plastic garbage problems. Photo: AFP The man posed on the huge work of French artist JR, placed in Trocadero Square before the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Photo: Apcon deer looks at the camera in the cage outdoors at Alte Fasanerie Wildlife Park in Hanau, Germany. Photo: AFP The man wears a 360 camera at the Olympic Park before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Photo: Afho Harry for children to see the picture he taken with a camera while studying the evening school for male students in Lesotho. Photo: AFPDU Guests Photographed in Saint Mark Square flooded in Venice, Italy. Photo: AP The girls are filming a light-class match between Daniel Ponce de Leon of Mexico and Cornelius Locke at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Photo: AFP people wearing masks on the beach near the photo in the "Mother's mother" image of Nadia Ferruha photographer, presented in Houlgate, Northwest France. Photo: AFPP Photo photographer photographed vulture on red carpet Cannes Film Festival, France. Photo: AFP Airlines Airlines United Arab Emirates take pictures of children's birthdays in the flight. Photo: AFP Members of Samba music group, beer cans and chun cords into selfie photography sticks on Samba Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo: ApSelfie not only becomes popular among young people, which is increasingly popular with adult people. Photo: Karen Bleieriang: According to Sputniknews.Comn.a

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