Adultery Asking For Divorce But His Wife Asked To Delay For A Reason, Until He Thought It Was Surprised With The Too Deep Answer

The department left his limbs before he was still mistaken for too many regulations. <: 00/3: 37 South Southern Many men don't stand firm before temptation, to betray his wife. Then he realized that the woman he thought was familiar to boring in fact extremely respectful. But if there is a way for him anymore? "Lastly love, divorce is often" Faculty (35) Frankly sharing after 6 years of marriage, he feels all feelings for children and falls in love Others. "At that time I gave birth to two children, bores

. The outsider looks at everyone who admires us with a happy marriage but they're not the insider so how to understand. Emotional faded was hard to get back. It is out of love, so divorce to find a way out for both, the responsibility with the child is still fully implemented
I thought very civilized and clear like that, "Khoa said.Khoa had a serious conversation with his wife, hoping she could sympathize with him and ended everything in peace. "Mom is very sick, the health is poor, the divorce keeps the letter for a while ...", I replied her husband.Khoa believes his wife is excused to pull him. She knew he was a young child, so he carries his mother's health. In annoyance of uncomfortable but Khoa still agrees, wait a little time. Because public with his wife, Khoa did not hesitate anymore but throughout the lover
Young silently do not blame or ask, the science witnesses the calmness of his wife but still admiring her excellent loud rings. The lime is a short time after the department realizes what his wife said was true. His mother poured serious illness, her health failed to get up. Also because the scientific divorce accepted to concentrate to concentrate on his mother's health. "For 1 year my mother was sick bed, only wife was a person who was a day and night care for her. . My sister and my husband's housework, I myself are busy jobs, not yet spent time with your girlfriend ... ", Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City. Extremely touching. At that time he realized how a woman was, so he betrayed her. Also during that time, his lover was not as good as he thought. She only likes money and the weather of his Lang Lang, but cannot be a woman with him when difficulties fail. Mother's science, he collapsed on the foot of the children sincerely apologizing, asking for forgiveness to his family mistakes. The Department promised to spend the rest of his life to compensate for the disadvantages that children suffer. "I thought my wife would be happy and happy. She is really a good daughter-in-law, but in the same case, I should love me to take care of my mother's mother. Didn't she do all that to expect me to relax or not? ", Khoa gave a good question, but the children responded to their husbands with the words that perhaps this whole life did not forget Obtained: "Our marriage has ended from the day he froze for a divorce. I am here today, the only purpose is just wanting to take care of your grandmother. Because I was grateful for her, from the day I was about her strawberry, I considered me no different from my birth. Furthermore she was a grandmother of the two children. I stayed not because you're! ". The department left his limbs before he still mistook too many things. He was confident in his own way, under his wife and family, until now there was no way to save again. "He was always his father. And the love and belief in me never built it, so we could only become each other's old people, "Nhi left one sentence before leaving. His mother died, Nhi had no reason to stay. She gently gave her a suspensive divorce-sized husband and led 2 children to leave her husband's house, only the science left with a wise regret.Theo white lotus / consumer

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