Aeon Vietnam Continues To Be Honored ‘the Best Place To Work In Asia 2021’

The 3rd of Vietnam Aeon consecutively reached the list of 'Asia's best workplaces' published by HR ASIA HR magazine in the morning of 8 / 10.This is the 3rd year of consecutive AEON Vietnam. Working best in Asia ". In the past 1.5 years of pandemic taking place so far, AEON Vietnam always demonstrates high efforts to maximize the workforce, ensuring work, income and Bao safety protection for 4,000 employees, whether revenue and profit declined; At the same time, keeping smoothly through the connection and interaction within the company, creating a friendly, sharing and understanding of the culture and understanding

.Aeon Vietnam affirmed that it does not look at the short-term cost but always tried Try to create physical conditions to ensure health safety and take care of the spiritual life for employees, as well as focus on training people, thereby aiming to build sustainable human resources and become The best workplace of Vietnam retail industry. Aeon Vietnam has always been ready to support each other and accompany the company. "The safety of customers and employees is our top priority
In particular, the Aeon is a valuable property, cannot be replaced and the most important factor in all activities of the company, "said Furusawa Yasuyuki - AEON Vietnam General Director affirmed. Last time, despite being significantly affected by the impact of epidemics, Aeon Vietnam remained consistent with the strategy to build sustainable human resources, which always focus on investing in long-term human development. The company always encourages employees to contribute new ideas and solutions to not only respond to the epidemic situation but also actively change and accommodate promptly. Although in the context of epidemic with many obstacles and term Processing, Aeon Vietnam still maintains organizing training activities in various forms through multi-channel training. Enterprises want to raise an Aeon's learning experience, building active learning culture throughout the company. Since then, employees are fully equipped with necessary knowledge and skills, prepared for the recovery phase after greation; From professional knowledge to soft skills such as problem solving skills, critical thinking or leadership skills for management levels. Training sessions are organized flexible, diverse in forms to Maintaining the culture of learning throughout. Besides, AEON Vietnam is one of the few businesses in Vietnam focusing on building a coaching culture (coaching) through training ecosystems with sessions Quiter 1-1, Question for middle and high-level leaders and declare career development orientation. Thereby, employees understand more about themselves, oriented for future development routes. "This is not a final goal but once again demonstrates the efforts of the Aeon collective During the past time to work together to create the best working environment in Vietnam's retail industry, "AEON Vietnam representative shared
Commitment to bring 3 opportunities for all employees, including muscle The Association of advancing, developing and contributing to communities.Aeon Vietnam will continue to efforts to build an ideal working environment where employees feel engaged and developed, contributed to realizing The company's mission, devoted to customers and communities. In which the opportunity to train expertise and skills is the most big and sustainable welfare that AEON Vietnam has always promoted and guaranteed, so that the development of the company always parallel with the development of each Aeon person. "We believe that when translating Covid-19 passing, Aeon is one of the groups with strong business recovery capabilities, to continue serving customers to shop and enjoy the quality of service in the middle Shopping center, supermarket and our stores, "said Furusawa Yasuyuki affirmed.

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