Afc Champions League And Lessons From Viettel’s Horse Fall

Night 8-7, Viettel lost the fourth battle in five matches in Table F Champions League.0: 00/1: 51 This southern region, Jurgen Gede coach duo - Truong Viet Hoang Tung Young player and reserve in the match In front of the main stone field.Viettel in the match against Ulsan Hyundai. Photo: CTV Champions League first-class continental playground is the nightmare of many Vietnamese clubs (VN). Even, many clubs also have thought to avoid the Champions League so afraid of winning or finding reasons to not be standard enough from kicking

. Previously, in this tournament, Da Nang lost to Gamba Osaka 0-15. The loser that coach Calisto said that losing the football face in Vietnam. Coach the VN team ever shown that if the VN clubs also have a stone attitude for finished, kicking for fun and even avoiding the Champions League, football Vietnam cannot develop
He stressed: AFC Champions League is the quality playground for the leading Asian clubs, so if avoiding or participating in a row, how to make a progressive home football in Viettel through five matches Table F in the Champions League is taking place in Thailand, it is clear that it is impossible to harvest any opposite, also becoming the burgers and shame of the managing unit for the team. Just like them soon, kick finished and return to the very weak team, only the first and second class size of Vietnam as Kaya, Viettel sprung a 5-0 victory, but Mua Ulsan Hyundai or Pathum Utd did not see the effort necessary. Obviously, with such a Champions League stone attitude, it is difficult to progress. The whole return, when meeting Ulsan Hyundai, Viettel again launched the young player and the expression of Viettel does not help the to learn What is the signal that Viettel broadcast in the battle of Ulsan Hyundai is a lack of fierceness, fights, so Ulsan Hyundai also plays out kicks for fun, the style of scoring when it comes. Long steam and demonstrating prayers in every match, meeting each opponent are much more important. This is not seen in Viettel seriously with yourself and also representative of Vietnamese football.

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