Aff Cup 2020: Myanmar Team Is At Risk Of Unable To Play By Covid-19

Only one day is going to the opening of the Aff Suzuki Cup 2020 with the Singapore homeowner in the evening of December 5, but the Myanmar team is facing a great challenge of injury as well as the risk of spreading Covid-19 in the team And do not rule out the possibility of being unable to participate. Myanmar players (red shirt) in friendly matches with Indonesia in Turkey. Photo: Pssitheo Reporter VNA in Singapore, spoke at the online press conference on December 4, the German coach (coach) of the German team of Myanmar, Mr. Antoine Hey said in the 27-player team of Myanmar, currently There are 4 players who are injured and 10 players have to re-test Covid-19, can not practice a day before this match. This team shows that Myanmar team members have positive test results Initiality, or doubt positive for Covid-19

. Coach Hey herself had to attend press conference from the room from the hotel because he was exposed to the players who were trying to re-test Covid-19.HLV hey said, currently 14 players may not It can participate in the match against Singapore and Myanmar only 13 players, including 4 goalkeepers. He shared: "We hope to have enough players to play
We are trying our best and will have to wait to see how the situation will happen in the next 24 hours. "This champion also acknowledges that Singapore will have a clear advantage in the opening match. Singapore is the host country, with a lot of pressure to win and have a power of powerful fans about 10,000 fans to encourage the team at the national stadium. Meanwhile, the Myanmar team is in a "confused" status because of Covid-19 and cannot practice.Le Duong (VNA)

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