Aff Cup 2020: Singapore Is Well Prepared For The Organization Of Tournaments

AFF Cup 2020 is expected to be the most obvious evidence for the country has been safe and secure with translation last year, AFF Cup 2018 welcomes more than 750,000 viewers to see 26 matches of The prize, but this time, the organizers said it would be difficult to achieve the number above. The Singapore Football Federation (FAS) announced that it will only allow 10,000 spectators to the national stadium, which accommodates 55,000 seats, to see the matches of the table. Meanwhile, the remaining bishan area organizes AFF round matches, only allowed to be up to 1,000 people to see. This island island

. Instead, Singapore wants to organize the AFF Cup 2020 as safe as possible. Mr. James Walton, head of Deloitte sports trading department in Southeast Asia said, AFF Cup 2020 is the most crowded event held in Singapore since translation of Covid-19 outbreaks, and will be Signs that this country is determined to learn how to live safely with epidemics
"This is a sign that Singapore is ready to open up with business activities, and visitors can visit, and we Can learn to live with viruses. In sports, business and entertainment, we are indicating the world that despite taking careful steps like testing, Sinagpore is on the right track ". Yong Loo Lin of Singapore National University said AFF Cup 2020 "very important" in the normalized roadmap of Singapore. Earth this year, Singapore also successfully organized sports events, most notably Singapore tennis tournament expanded in February, as well as martial arts events. However, at these events, there are very few audiences attending, and the scale is also much smaller than AFF Cup 2020. Make sure the AFF Cup 2020 takes place safely and smoothly, Singapore will hold award According to the "closed bubble" model, applicable to teams and participants. All teams will operate in a fixed schedule from the hotel to the practice field or the competition and vice versa, and do not go out to the "bubble" range. and AFC applies to tournaments of the system of these federations and has been demonstrated for safety and efficiency. Tang (VNA)

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