Afghan Central Bank Officials Commented On Domestic Currency Market

Afghan central bank rights Ajmal Ahmady said the supply of dollars in the country is declining and leaving Kabul, when the Taliban force entered.00: 00/0: 59 Nounded the US dollar supply in Afghanistan is decreasing and Leave Kabul. Photo: Dawn Ajmal Ahmady left the bank and left the responsibilities assigned. In the post on Twitter account on August 16, Mr. Ajmal Ahmady recounted his working process until the Taliban force entered The city gateway

. Ajmal Ahmady said the news throughout the morning of August 15 made him more and more concern about the situation in Kabul. Ajmal Ahmady was appointed as the Afghan central bank governor just over One year ago, after working at the US Department of Finance, the World Bank and in the field of private securities. August 15, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced the reason for leaving the country, in the context of force Taliban has entered Kabul
In the post on the Facebook Social Network, President Ashraf Ghani said that if he stayed in Afghanistan, the situation would be worse ./. Le Minh (according to Reuters)

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