Afghan People Trembled When The Taliban Knocked On The Door

When the Taliban armed members knocked on an apartment in Kabul, the whole family of 16 Afghanistan hid into the bathroom, turn off the lights and mobile phones.Taliban. Photo: Reuters don't know what will happen and don't want to suffer any risk. Two members of their family were killed in recent years. Rectored Reuters reported, according to the recording of the US Embassy, only in the capital Kabul had 152 people killed in intentional murders During the period from December 2020 to July 2021

. Records do not named the name of the culprit and the Taliban denied in relation to these cases. "My family always lived in fear. Every time everyone saw a car running through, they hid into the bathroom, "a family member said and added, he tried to bring relatives to leave the country and to save many government-level governments
Give them visas. "Foods are rare and prices rise. With my family, the situation is very terrible. "The statue was on a family member of the 16th family, now living abroad. This was repeated in many other houses across Afghanistan since the Taliban attacked and occupied the city of Kabul at an amazing speed. Activists, women, former officials, journalists and journalists Veterans, members of the previous intelligence agencies believe that they have a reason to fear for their safety, although the Taliban reassured them, they did not take revenge and will gave the rights to women. The Taliban exercised the brutal way of their Islamic Law on the previous time was a reason. Many people still remember the death of those who want to maintain a more liberalized version of the Afghanistan. Many videos posted on social networks for a few days showed that the armed men searched or beaten people on the road . Reuters said, unable to verify videos, but these images have made people stuck in houses more fear
Currently, the Taliban spokesperson has not responded to the proposal to comment on the continent Control every home this week. At the first press conference since I came to power, the Taliban claimed that women would be allowed to go to the Islamic Law. And that non-governmental organizations should continue to operate. However, this does not work with a lot of races with Afghan people. Linh Linh

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