Afghan People Were Killed In The Protest Against The Taliban

In a rally on August 18, the Taliban opened a gun, causing some people to die when helping Afghan's national high. The shooting occurred in a protest in Asadabad City on August 18, according to Guardian. Mohammed Salim's witness recounts: "Hundreds of people poured down the road. Some people were killed and injured when the Taliban suppressed and discharged ". In the demonstration, people teared the white flag of the Taliban and replaced by the Afghan flag

. The demonstration of the organization on the anniversary of Afghanistan's independence (August 19, 1919). The Taliban spokesman did not comment on the incident. The protester waved Afghan flag on Kabul street
Photo: Ap.proved on August 17, media reported 3 people was killed and 12 others were injured in a similar protest in Jalalabad city. In the capital Kabul, hundreds of protesters also Raise the Afghan national flag and chant "our flag, our identity". The Taliban gunmen surrounded a group of people, shouted and shot only to disperse the crowd. At Abdul Haq Square, a protester climbed up the flagpole to pull the white flag of the Taliban and replace the country Afghanistan period. Afghan President, Mr. Amrullah Saleh, is expressing support with protests. "Welcoming those who carry the flag and represent the national dignity," said Saleh written on Twitter. It was on August 17, the Taliban held the first press conference. The Taliban spokesman declared that they would impose soft regulations than the ruling period from 1996 to 2001
song strongly suppressed the demonstration of awareness of the promises this. They fear history will repeat, when the Taliban gunmen oppress the women, executing publicly and destroying Buddhist statues.

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