Afghan Police Officers Escaped Thanks To Promise Kept Campaign

Mohammad Khalid Wardak, the Afghan police officer for many years cooperating with the US military and was wanted by the Taliban, was rescued on August 18, according to AP.Mohammad Khalid Wardak, a policeman Afghanistan has many years The fact that the US military, was wanted by the Taliban, was rescued on August 18, according to Khalid and the family fled in Kabul, constantly moving to avoid being detected, until they were prize Rescue by the campaign named Promise Kept. This is the underground campaign of the US military and allies. After at least four times to the meeting place, the last family Khalid was rescued with a helicopter on the evening of August 18, according to Mr

. Robert McCreary, former Chief Van The US Congress and once a White House official under the President George W. Bush, working with special forces in Afghanistan. Khalid's rescue rescue rescue is conducted after American soldiers request for help from the National Assembly, as well as the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
They argue that Khalid is a team that saved many people and will be sentenced to death if it was arrested by the Taliban. "I don't think people understand the chaos in Kabul now," said Chris Green, who worked Join Mr. Khalid in Afghanistan, said. "Taliban is trying to remove the biggest dangers to them, military officers and special police, with cruel measures, to ensure their power." Mr. Khalid's family was unable Arrive at the airport because the Taliban force controls the entrance. According to supporters, Mr. Khalid is known through the police position in Helmand province. Besides, he appeared repeatedly on television, which once he died Taliban.taliban force watching Mr
Khalid was a great danger due to his relationship with the US military. Photo: Ap. Dong Green said he "extremely pleased" when hearing Mr. Khalid's family safely. According to him, many allies, including him, supported the rescue. Currently Mr. Khalid, with his wife and four children from 3-12 years old, came to "The location was not revealed under the US protection". American officials said the police and soldiers Afghanistan cooperated with Washington Also deserve rescue. However, detailed information about these rescues has not been revealed. Khalid Friends said he did not want to leave Afghanistan. He planned to stay in fighting the Taliban to protect his homeland after the US withdrew. But then, everything changed when the Afghan government collapsed and President Ashraf Ghani left the country. "Mr. Khalid fought until only alone," Green said. "He was injured and surrounded. His forces were not reunited. Meanwhile, Afghan high levels began planning to escape. Therefore, people like Mr. Khalid was left without receiving Help "McCreary said that he was initially Khalid only asked his family protected. When the Afghan government collapsed, the US quickly changed the plan and attempted to take Mr. Khalid to a safe place. There was a time when the rescue force lost contact with Khalid for a few days. "We think he has killed, "McCreary said. "Last week, I thought everything ended. We have to continue their efforts to protect Mr. Khalid's family." His trend of Khalid supporters Mr. Khalid said they couldn't think of abandoning him, After many years this policeman cooperates with the United States. In 2013, a US special force base in Wardak province was attacked from within. A person has been disguised to break and shoot two American soldiers. After that, this base was attacked from the outside. A commander of Americans called Mr. Khalid, who quickly moved to the Wardak Valley and the fast response force and protected American beauty wars. In 2015, Mr. Khalid lost a part of the right foot due to the launcher Pomegranate. Friends in the US military have taken him to treat and install prostheses abroad. A month later, he was the same as the United States to lead the activities of special police throughout Afghanistan, Mr. Green said. Tong Khalid (right) does not want to leave Afghanistan and plan to stay in fighting to protect his homeland. Photo: AP.Service around this time, he supports the US capture the leader of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Later, he became a sheriff in Ghazni Province and Helmand Province. Mr. Khalid's family applied for asylum in the United States, but unknown how long does it take and whether they are approved. Translators, interpreters, and people working for the US in Afghanistan are eligible to apply for a special immigration visa. However, the Afghanist's police and soldiers were not in this uncle. The Taliban was considered a big danger due to the fact that the US collaboration deserves to be special, Mr. McCreary said. Entering Kabul airport from the crowd is jostling outside Kabul airport on August 19, a girl licked through a high wall and was supported by a US soldier.

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