Afghan Security Guards Support Us Soldiers To Ensure Kabul Airport Security

On August 17, Pentagon officials said about 600 members of Afghan Security forces supported security at Kabul airport in the context of chaotic evacuation activities at this airport.0 : 00/2: 25 Southern American southern guards at Kabul airport, Afghanistan, when evacuation activities are conducted here, on August 16, 2021. Photo: AFP / TTXVN In a press conference, Major General William Taylor said that by the end of August 17, 1,000 US soldiers were strengthened to Kabul airport, bringing a total to 4,000. The goal is to ensure every hour there is a take-off flight. According to US military officials, about 5,000,000 US citizens are supposed to be in the Kabul area

. The Pentagon officials said that in the coming days, about 6,000 US soldiers were present at Kabul airport. According to General Taylor, American soldiers did not encounter or attacks from the Taliban force. In addition, he said it was about 500-600 members of Afghanistan national security forces supporting security at Kabul airport
Most members of the Afghan Security Forces are coached by the US and Western allies in the past 20 years. On evacuating these people from Afghanistn, John Kirby spokesman said this depends on their decision. In that moment, the US Air Force confirmed on investigating some casual people. Network when trying to swing a plane prepared to take off at Kabul airport while hundreds of people surround this plane. According to the US Air Force spokesman Ann SteeFanek, investigators are reviewing the image and the scene videos show that at least 2 Afghan people are falling from the C-17 transport plane on April 16. Language, the C-17 landed on Kabul airport to transfer equipment for evacuation, however, when landing, hundreds of Afghan people rushed into the runway and surrounded this plane. The crew determines the dismantling of not safely, so decided to take the plane leaving the airport. This plane is currently being tested thoroughly before being allowed to fly back. On the day, the White House acknowledged the Taliban forces gained a significant amount of US military gas when gaining control of Afghanistan, After 2 decades of fighting with American forces. The pictures and videos showed that the Taliban grasp in the gunman and the means that US soldiers used or provided for Afghan national security forces, As well as Tan Tien attack helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk and other equipment at Kandahar airport
White National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated the loss of millions of military equipment worth millions of dollars into the Taliban's hand showing "the difficult choices that the president faces ... in the context of the war Lasting 20 years end ".Thanh Huong (VNA)

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