Afghan Situation: America ‘green Light’ To Supplement Aid, Condemn The Taliban Plan To Restore The Penalty

On September 24, the United States licensed some transactions with the Taliban, thereby continuing to open the way to aid to Afghanistan. Afghan people are shopping clothes at Kabul market. (Source: AP) The US decision was made despite the also its own sanctions for the Taliban, the force gained to control Afghanistan last month, in the context of concerns that quitting French punishment can make further the humanitarian crisis in the Southwest Asia country. The US Department of Finance said that there were 2 common licenses, one authorized US government, non-governmental organizations ( NGOs) and a number of international organizations, including the United Nations to conduct necessary transactions for humanitarian aid with the Taliban and Haqqani network - two capital forces imposed sanctions. Second license Allow some transactions related to exporting and re-exporting food, medicine and medical equipment

. The situation of Kabul situation, on September 24, the US Foreign Ministry spokesman NED Price declares Washington condemned strongly the comments were said to be of a Taliban official, when the person said the Taliban would restore the use of hand-tight penalty V Oh execution in Afghanistan. Repeat the comments of the leader Taliban Mullah Nooruddin Turabi with AP news agency, Mr. Market said such actions will constitute serious human rights violations
(According to Reuters)

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