Afghan Situation: Hcnr Called On Taliban To Ensure Social Justice

In the Meeting of the Senior Mission of the Taliban, the Chairman of the Supreme Ethnic Reconciliation Council Afghanistan (HCNR) stressed: Can't have security and strengthening ethnic unity without social equity0: 00/1 : 39 South Southern Taliban gunmen checks luggage in Kabul airport area, Afghanistan. (Photo: AFP / TTXVN |) Television channel Tolo News reported that the President of the Afghanist National Reconciliation Council (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah had a senior delegation of the Taliban in the capital of Kabul on the night of August 18 In which Mr. Abdullah urged this force to ensure the social fair in Afghanistan.Tolo News led sources from Abdullah's office, said at the meeting, he stressed that history shows if there is no public The society cannot have security and enhancement of national unity. Taliban representative, Mr

. Khalil al-Rahman Haqqiani, committed to this Islamic movement will ensure "security for Kabul people," at the same time Agment to support from political leaders in Afghanistan.Lien related to the evacuation of foreign citizens and Afghan civilians, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova on August 19 said Moskva is ready to provide Aviation services to evolve people from this Southwest Asia country to other countries. Stressed to prevent humanitarian situation down P in Afghanistan, Russia is ready to provide civil aviation services to ensure any Afghan citizens, including children and women, to any country that is willing to receive them
in At that time, in the field, Russia's Sputnik news agency led a source for a Taliban force that imposed a curfew in the Khost City, Southeast of the country to prevent the risk of riots and insecurity. KhOg is one of the few cities of Afghanistan where people show opposition to the Taliban force publicly ./.(Txvn/Vietnam)

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