Afghanistan: American Helicopter Evacuation Evacuation In Kabul

The Pentagon on August 20 said the chaos at Kabul - Afghanistan airport this week was so bad that the US military had to use 3 helicopters to bring 169 American citizens to the airport from just that building 200 M. When Western countries have difficulty accelerating the evacuation of Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden faces criticism of the US military withdrawal plan and the rapid expansion of the Taliban. Thousands of Afghan people desperately hugged the papers, children and some belongings surrounded Kabul airport, where the armed Taliban members called for those who didn't have papers to go home. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Taliban said at least 12 people were killed in and around the airport from August 15. The US evacuation flights from Kabul airport were stopped for more than 6 hours On August 20

. Meanwhile, the US authorities search for countries ready to take those who run away from Afghanistan. After that, the flights were continued. American President Joe Biden spoke at the White House about the current situation in Afghanistan on August 20
Photo: Reuterstrong speeches before reporters, Mr. Biden mentioned 169 US citizens taken to the airport. The Ministry of Defense's John Kirby spokesman said the decision to use helicopters was launched on August 19 because the group could not reach the airport from the hotel, 200 meters away. Mr. Biden affirmed that all US citizens want to evacuate from Afghanistan will be met. Many NATO member countries emphasize the evacuation to continue after the deadline for withdrawal but the US launched, September 31. Despite the calls in the country and internationally, Mr. Biden still did not backward this deadline. According to the US president, he could not predict the final result in Afghanistan but promised to cooperate with other countries to set Come out "harsh conditions" for any collaboration or recognition for the Taliban. Taliban gunmen marching in Zabul province on August 19
Photo: Reuterstrong 1 Other, when the Taliban members knocked on a family in Afghanistan, the entire 16 members escaped into the bathroom, turning off the lights, the phone and covering the children to keep them silent . They don't know what will happen but don't want to risk. Two family members were murdered in recent years and they had to witness the wave of killing throughout Afghanistan in the past 12 months. Only in the capital Kabul, the US Embassy notes 152 people died in the cases Murder is intentional in the period from December-2020 to July-2021. Taliban denies everything related to these cases. People are evacuated before boarding the plane at Hamid Karzai airport on August 18. Photo: Reuters "Our family is scared. Every second saw a car running on the road, they run into the toilet. The food has limited and price increases. The situation of my family is very Currency "- A person revealed. He is trying to take relatives to leave Afghanistan and call for many governments to apply for them. Activists, women, former officials, journalists, former soldiers and members of the intelligence agencies currently Activities believe that they have a reason to fear their safety, although the Taliban ensures no revenge and will empower women.

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