Afghanistan Asked Interpol To Arrest Former President Ashraf Ghani

With the Allegations of Funds, the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan asked Interpol to arrest former President Ashraf Ghani, former National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib and former Chief of Presidential Office FAZL Mahmood Fazli. Afghan Embassy In Tajikistan asked Interpol to arrest former President of this country Ashraf Ghani with accusing him the stealing of treasury, Tolo News Television News reported. The same request was given for former national security advisor Afghanistan Hamdullah Mohib and former Chief President Fazl Mahmood Fazli. Measures, according to the Afghan Embassy, will help regain the amount of budget stolen to Afghanistan. After 16/8, a source at the Russian Embassy in Kabul told Tass, on August 15, Mr

. Ghani Leaving Afghanistan on a helicopter full of cash, a few hours before the Taliban entered Kabul without fighting and establishing the full control over the capital. "Four cars filled with money and they tried to put an extra money into the helicopter, but was too tight, some money was left on the airport.", The source said
Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani. Photo: EPA-EFE / Shawn Thew.The 18/8, Mr. Ghani announced on the Facebook page, will soon return to Afghanistan. "I'm in the UAE but I will soon return to my country," said Ghani said, Save Italy will continue to work. "To achieve justice for Afghanistan". "I was forced to leave Kabul, I didn't want to become a reason for bloodshed in the capital." Mr. Ghani explained that he "let go" and leaving the country, which makes him encounter more criticism from home and abroad; Stressing, he is not a traitor; At the same time, he gave an accusation of carrying money when he left. "I was charged with a lot of money
But all that is fabricated, I leave the country in a shirt, turban headscarf, shoes and just hold on a few books. ", Mr. Ghani said in the video message on 18 / 8 on the personal Facebook account. Preview of the behavior of Ghani, in an interview with Zvezda TV channel on August 16, the Russian President's envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov, claiming, he deserves to be taken Just judging in front of the Afghan people for "fled the country". According to Mr. Kabulov, Ghani "not only leaves Afghanistan, but also fled in a" shameful "way, because one day earlier, he declared Dad with Afghan people, he will be the last back and willing to sacrifice for the country.Huy Anh / Tass, Sputnik

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