Afghanistan Collapsed To Raise Concerns For The Us For The Rise Of Terrorism

The fact that Afghanistan falls into the Taliban's hand raised concerns about terrorist groups with the ability to threaten US territory will rise in the context of unstable in Afghanistan.0: 00/6: 19 South American military delegation Currently reevaluate the previous judgment that Al Qaeda can become a threat within 2 years after Taliban won the control of Afghanistan quickly over the weekend. Since the declaration of withdrawal America from Afghanistan in April, President Biden government confirmed to control terrorist threats through garrison forces in many places in the region. However, the US withdrawing troops from Afghanistan made a skepticism of whether the United States was actually ready to face the threats from Afghanistan. The United States withdrawing troops from Afghanistan made a doubt about whether the US There are really ready to face threats from Afghanistan

. Photo: Reutersjamil Jaffer, Founder and Executive Director of National Security Institute of George Mason University, said: "There is no doubt about the Taliban returning to open space for Al Qaeda back, re- Building base and in addition to Al Qaeda, other groups ever relating to this organization like ISIS, will also return to the area ". Tung Jafffer, previously a senior adviser for Republican MPs in the Commission The House of Representatives Institute, also said that "Christians will once again turn Afghanistan into their home as they used to do it before September 11." People who have protected the views of the army America in Afghanistan over the past 20 years argued that this was to prevent a similar terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 after the Taliban was nutritious behind those attacks
When ordered to withdraw troops , President Biden stressed that the US has completed the initial goal of reducing the threat from Al Qaeda including destroying Osama bin Laden 10 years ago and any abutment i threatened in every future would be resolved by air strikes and attacks from outside Afghanistan like the US military used in many other countries. In the defense speech decided to withdraw troops from his Afghanistan Last week, President Biden emphasized, "We carry out effective anti-terrorist campaigns in many countries that we do not have permanent military presence. If necessary, we will do the same thing in Afghanistan. We have developed anti-terrorism capacity to monitor and control direct threats to the US in the region as well as quick and assertive actions if necessary. "The White House view was also Nancy Pelosy House of Representatives covers in democraters that US forces will "prevent, detect, and interrupt remote terrorist threats. We will force the Taliban to be responsible for not creating a safe shelter for Al Qaeda. If the Taliban does so, this force will suffer the consequences. "The Taliban ignored the terms" not to create a safe shelter for Al Qaeda "in the agreement signed with the Trump Government in February 2020, although course, despite this is considered an agreement on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, both Trump President and President Biden now continues to implement this plan. Follow the 6th, a report The United Nations Security Council said, "Links between Taliban and Al Qaeda are still closely based on similarities on thought". The US officials have previously warned that, while the forces America afford remote terrorism, this will be more and more difficult
The director of CIA William Burns in a hearing in the National Assembly in April said that "the ability to gather intelligence and action before the US government's threats will decrease and it is evident." Facing the scenes in the capital Kabul when thousands of Afghan people find a way to escape from this country, Republican MPs criticized President Biden about the possibility of terrorist rise. Senator Lindsey Graham said that "America is less safe and very likely to face an attack from Afghanistan." The Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner announced it would find answers to The fact that the government lacks williness, while emphasizing "We cannot forget our reason in Afghanistan and must continue to focus on responding to potential threats from terrorist groups such as Haqqani network, AL Qaeda and ISIS. "In the last June, Minister of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the US Joint Stock Company, General Mark Milley said that they found the average level of risk of Al Qaeda. Restore the US threatening ability within the "two years". General Milley also stressed that at that time, "If some situations happen like the Afghan authorities collapse or the country's security forces disintegrate, that risk is obviously increasing. "With The fact that the government in Afghanistan has become a reality, the Pentagon in the beginning of the week has admitted to evaluate threats

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