Afghanistan Suddenly Asks Russia, India, China Helps To Fight Terrorism

The Kabul authorities are asking external partners, including China, India and Russia, helping to fight terrorism in Afghanistan.0: 00/1: 30 Southern region related information has been shared by trying The President of the National Security Hampdullah Hampupullah Mohib said that technical assistance from all external partners was welcomed in Afghanistan, RIA Novosti said. However, Mohib advisor stressed that This help is not interfering with the internal work of Afghanistan.Quan officials add that peace can only get when cooperating with all countries in the region and moreover, and the Kabul government In order to replace this superpower with other superpowers

. Before that, regarding the situation of Central Asia, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Foreign Minister Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov discussed the current situation in Afghanistan.Taliban rebels in Afghanistan . In the conversation, the head of the foreign agencies of the two states expressed concerns about the decline The situation of the situation in Afghanistan, where the members of the Taliban movement have risen strongly
The politicians have considered some measures to strengthen stability and security in the region. According to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the parties also mentioned issues related to the international agenda. At the same time, two Mr. Lavrov and Kamlov discussed the preparation of the Summit of the Foreign Minister of SCO countries. Will be held in mid-July in Dushanbe. Before that, Foreign Minister Lavrov said that Moscow expressed concerns about the ability to occur clashes between the Taliban and the Afghan Government forces in the border area of Tajikistan.

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