Africa Polar Bears Into The Water To Hunt Reindeer And Really Sad Behind

According to biologists predict that the polar bears will soon disappear from the earth due to climate change 9: 00/2: 23 nuns of climate change continue to adversely affect the Arctic, with High air temperature and sea ice in the low-end summer lead to a series of negative impacts. Many people living in the northernmost region of Alaska, Canada and Russia are now incurred in a series of heavy consequences from the Earth phenomenon. With the fact that the permanent ice melts with unprecedented speeds, the risk of villages, towns and cities disappear completely under the sea water is existing.Theo researchers, if the temperature of the temperature Earth rose at 2 degrees Celsius, the risk of the arctic tape completely disappeared in the summer before frozen the winter, 10 times higher than the earth temperature rising at 1.5 degrees C as the objective set in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change

. The decline in the number of marine species has a direct impact on meals. Aquatic varieties are likely to adapt to climate change quite well, but the Arctic Ocean environment has changed so much that they cannot catch up. Because of a serious lack of food, many animals Living here must change the hunting body, including the Arctic White Bear
Clip source VOA.Theo, a lucky tourist has returned to the scene of a polar bear who is chasing extremely extremely A reindeer came to go to the sea and died it to pull it on the shore. The North Pole was the most scary and dangerous hunting animal here. A mature white bear has a weight of 500-700 kg and is more than 2 m long. Thanks to the thick coat covering the feet, the bear easily tolerates the harsh cold to move on large ice platforms to find food. The North Pole after drowning the underwater reindeer pulled it on the ground Instant to eat meat. The white hair of the bear is "the shirt" to help them disguise in snow ice. There is an interesting facence that is, behind the white fur is the black skin that helps the bear does not burn by the sun. Andrew Derocher of the University of Alberta said the polar bears are the hunters Assembly, will eat anything from bird eggs to dolphins however, the main prey of the polar bear is usually seals and aquariums. However, due to climate change, the number of seals decreased strongly, leading to a difficult polar bear in hunting
Derocher predicts the polar bear will be hard to survive because of not enough tape Maintain place to live for them. With the current ice melting speed, perhaps polar bears in the Barents and Svalbard will disappear in this century.

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