After 22 Days Of Launching On Orbit, Nanodragon Satellite Still Has No Signal

The Vietnam Space Center (VNSC) said that after 22 days of launching the universe (from November 9), Vietnam's Nanodragon satellite has not received signals from the ground station. Nanodragon is designed 3 communication lines: Distributed data lines (information about satellite status) from satellites to the ground at the UHF frequency range; Road commands control from the ground up at the VHF frequency range; and data transmission tasks from satellites to the ground in the right band. The ground station has not obtained information at the distant measuring data line in the UHF range, so the detailed status parameters of the satellite It is undefined. After 22 days of launching orbit, Nanodragon satellite has yet to signal. In this launch, there are all 9 satellites participating in the launcher and 11 flight objects have been determined after Zoom (including 9 satellites and 2 parts of the rocket)

. Therefore, the determination of the exact object is that Nanodragon satellites need a lot of time, according to VNSC. VNSC reported that VNSC technicians still work to be able to obtain satellite signals.
Daily tracking group, operating ground station in Hoa Lac high-tech zone is about 9:30 am and 21:30 to send satellite control commands in the VHF band detects signal in ice s. Compliance with the community (satgogs) to collect satellite signals, including two stations capable of sending commands to Nanodragon and collecting signals in S. groups also seeking, screening all data related to nanodragon signals In the satnogs community and together with Meisei, JAXA analyzed the capabilities, situations happening in satellites to seek suitable solutions. Currently, the engineers of the Vietnam Space Center continue to find efforts to find Signal Signal of Nanodragon.The Huyen Pham / Vietnam Enterprise

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