After 28 Years, Her Husband Claimed To Divorce, To The Court Also Said 4 Words Made His Wife Shocked Heavy: The Traitor Analyst Was Not Sure Was Completely Wrong!

The wife screamed loudly: 'He is the one who replaces his heart, he has an affair but now seeks to blame me'. But his husband still incesses divorce, the reason only encapsulating 4 words ... 0: 00/5: 40 nam 4-word dominates expressing the reasons of his husband 28 years and claiming divorce to the first mediation The judge asked for a reason for divorce, his husband said: "I feel unprecedent"

. The wife screamed clearly: "He is the one who replaces his heart, he has an affair but now seeks to blame me. "But when my wife wants to keep your family:" I can forgive him if you We wholeheartedly returned ". Her husband determined: "I want to divorce
" The wife punched her chest and cried but cursed by a bad husband who made her premium, everything was useless. That when he was promising to bring happiness, it was not only a traitor but also let go of his hand. "The last 28 years I kept ...". The judge in his own conversation Private understood the source of the story. My husband confessed that she had a relationship outside and even no more than his wife, but: "The only thing she is over my wife is for me respect. 28 years ago, even though I always try to give Family but I have never been recognized. That always critices I don't know how to make money, doing it is also broken, she critices me to be a husband who is a husband who is a husband, but I'm useless
.. I have a ring Want to keep your family but the more water is encroached. Un when I meet the woman, she gives me pride, which I have never been entitled to now. Come now still for me Knowing that the family is important, but I have no feelings for her anymore. I can't try it. " In unsuccessful reconciliation, this is not the only case of this reason. Although it was a betrayal, adultery, but the adultery was not completely wrong. Men when they feel "not respected" are profound reasons for husbands to file a divorce. "The journey" is "journey" of continuous conversation, breaking is ... tan the nature of marriage is the Connection, is a "journey" long conversation. When people feel it can no longer be dialogged, inevitably marriage to the broken verge. When you can chat with each other, there is also a solved mechanical. But when the two sides or just need to be bored without saying and feel all his words are no longer valid, marriage enters the dead end. There was a feeling that man restrained a bad flood. Of course it was a beautiful game when men who have yet to finish this relationship have broke the rules of faithfulness in early marriage. But ...- Men always need to be respected and women often forget that. Example: - Her husband H. Newly changed it to a new box driver, the house has just closed itself. His husband, the money took a wife to eat was not enough, and just knew how to play games. Take it with this miserable husband! - You're my whole life! (When one day his "that stories" suddenly declined) - what men didn't work, not the soul, was not good at, the house was finished. The song compares "husbands" and The criticism on the daily clinging made the man no longer feeling raised. Gradually he felt confident in his house and stepped out of the connection. The sparse conversations and love are also cold to cool. The long communication of marriage is congested is that when the sign shows that the sides have gradually lost their communication. Women still "busy" cursing, scolding, criticizing and blaming their husbands that do not realize the conversation journey of marriage has turned into a 1-way monologue, his man has just ... Then. For treating the root of it, it must start from communication. The female needs to stop ... think that I am always true that women often think that I'm always right, so they are always trying to make a mistake Men I used to love passionately. I mean, not a man without a bug that is a woman who needs to seek conversations other than scolding and criticizing only. Samples know women a lot of pressure, but if other conversations know what love The feeling is still there that the women are ... hands-free. It's still that content, but if you replace "your clothes on the washing machine, men are lazy like leprosome, what to go to this child's hand", but instead of "washing clothes, please. I go to cook rice In order to time to dinner ", the effect will be different immediately. Many experts have shown a mistake of sisters or getting when communicating with that husband is with the following errors: saying too much, ignoring compliments, or leads Being scolded and always thinks that I'm right ... According to a psychology expert, the way to say that it is always right, every mistake belongs to her husband that has caused the door to communicate with his partner to start gradually. And when communicating between the couple becomes difficult or even deadlock is the time when the marriage fire gradually follows

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