After 30-9, Do Not Need A Road Paper

Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Le Hoa Binh information after 30-9, Ho Chi Minh City does not apply a road paper but will have a moving App (application) managed by the police0: 00/3: 13 Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee Le Hoa Binh on September 13, which "posted the" Confue for people on the Plan for anti-epidemic and economic recovery of Ho Chi Minh City after September 15 through the Livestream Program "People Ask - The city answered ". The first question of Ho Chi Minh City people sent to Vice President Le Hoa Binh, which is the way to relax in Ho Chi Minh City after 15-9. Answer, Mr. Le Hoa Binh said TP had draft plans. In the afternoon of September 14, the City People's Committee will submit to the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee to make a decision through

. According to the plan, the roadmap from September 16 to 31, will have an additional period from September 16 to September 30. This will be a "pilot test phase" in District 7, Cu Chi and Can Gio. In order to implement this roadmap, Mr
Le Hoa Binh said that Ho Chi Minh City had prepared with firm steps. From 7-9, Ho Chi Minh City has a preparation and decision to adjust the movement of goods, securely reopen the selling store to bring back, open transit points at the market ... alone about activity Shipper's dynamic, from September 16, Ho Chi Minh City will give this forces to operate in the county with the condition that it is necessary to ensure the safety prevention of epidemics. TP continues to support testing funds for Shipper. Dong Le Hoa Binh, Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee (Middle), Troubleshooting of people at the Livestream Program "People ask - the city to answer" before the question About allowing people to return to the countryside, Mr. Le Hoa Binh affirmed that TP is very willing to support people in need of the countryside. However, it must keep the principle of "someone taken, someone welcomes". That is, only the local people's confirmation of repayment, Ho Chi Minh City will support vaccines and tests for people to move
If there are no people taking away and welcoming, people must not pass through the control key. Liaing to the movement of people after 30-9, Vice Chairman of City People's Committee information after this time, Ho Chi Minh City Applying a road paper that will have a moving App (application) managed by the police. People data will be updated to this App, who is eligible to safely go to the road (vaccination, safe destination, 5k compliance ...) will be moved without the paper. The question of the criteria for assessing the safety level when Ho Chi Minh City has the policy to open a safe, safe destination, safe people, Mr. Le Hoa Binh said that TP will build a set of 8 criteria of 8 sectors are Industry and Trade, Tourism, Health, Education, Construction, Labor - Social ... If businesses ensure those criteria will be assessed as safe production. At the same time, enterprises must maintain the production method to be operated by Ho Chi Minh City as "3 in place", "a road, two destinations", 4 green ... This criterion will be piloted until date 30 -9 in the locality has announced the translation, which can be expanded in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone and the High-Tech Park. "The view of Ho Chi Minh City's leader is safe, open to it. An The whole new opening. Any steps of Ho Chi Minh City next time to aim the highest goal is to ensure safety for people's lives, then recover and develop economically "- Mr. Le Hoa Binh stressed . More information about the construction of urban works, Vice President Le Hoa Binh said that after September 30, the works will definitely work back but operate in accordance with the set of safety criteria already Ho Chi Minh City and will issue next time. Add and Photo: Phan Anh

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