After A Night ‘change Wind’ With Old Love, I Fainted When I Saw Something Next To

I married in the age of 29, a marriage that love was not foundation by the pressing of parents, partly also saw that marriage gave me many chances of 9: 00/3: 30 Southern Snow Family - My wife is a conditional family, my father-in-law is the director of the enterprise specializing in furniture. Snow is also a pretty, good girl, so far I still don't know what I have excelled but caught into the green eyes of snow. I am familiar with snow I have a strong love with Lam. Before the fierceness flirtedly, I was given by snow with my mother's opposition to Lam finally I decided to break up a 2-year love love with Lam.After I love snow for half a year, we are married , A most spectacular wedding of the neighborhood, everyone said I took this snow no differently "rat rice"

. Really, wedding, I have everything in my hand. Because his father-in-law does not want his daughter to work hard, give us a large 5-storey house in the middle of the city center. Snow parents also granted us to do business, and for money to buy cars to walk for hardship
Maybe because of everything is so easy, so our marriage is also there . In the same house, I didn't see it before I didn't love the snow, if I was just an interesting in front of the huge assets of the wife's house. For 3 years, we have a young son, then , on one day I happened to meet again - old lover. Lam is still single, I'm so much more beautiful than the old days. Then, Lam also expressed his wish to resume love with me, I said no need to need to be beside me like old days I was satisfied. Dormitantly, I was a stupid that left my wife to follow Lam, Lam nor didn't need a list of muscles. So we sneaked back and forth with each other. The times we met more and more, Lam also demanded to give me me but I had to find all the reasons to reject. I am not stupid, love Follow the woman, but the woman doesn't have anything like Lam taken to live miserable. Once called me, Lam also to the company Looking for me made me extremely afraid, if she didn't keep calm to reveal everything, I would definitely kick me out of my house and not for a penny Now I find enough reason to escape the personality, breaking up her hand
Perhaps ignoring something is not fine from me so that day crying, I went to me to meet with each other last time she would leave this city to return me the peace. , More once again, I don't lose anything. So that day when my wife went on business, I drove again to take a hotel in the suburbs, we wrapped around each other near the morning. At noon, I woke up I didn't see it, I would have thought she left From me, leave this city in the promise. Whooping tongue because it was a bit regretful, but compared to being discovered and losing his wife was all, it was not changed and prepared to go back, I suddenly saw a file on the pillow, probably forgotten first At leaving the hotel. Leave opened it, I died when it was discovered that it was a medical record of love. Which is more frighteened, she has a chickens sick. Take a lot of phone calls to ask Lam to ask about the medical record of a medical record, she laughs to say I'm a bastard man, she said a man He greedy, leaving her to marry a rich wife, then back and forth with her hurt her again, this was the price I had to pay. She also said she was deliberately left training Penal records for me to see, she said all the messages back and forth as well as the image of love between us was also recorded if I dared to find her revenge, then all those things would be sent For my wife. It's all, all a plot of revenge of Lam, I'm too stupid. I'm afraid if my wife and I know for sure she always chases me out of the house, and this monster disease again. I know how to do now? Phi Hung

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