After Being Rape, Lisa Now Wake Up ‘face Away’ Leon: Looking At The Youngest Sight!

From now on Lisa has no more orange little girl! 0:00 / 1: 07 nam nam nam, Ha Ho continues to make the online community excited when posting a new series of Lisa and Leon. As usual, the images of the briefcases always receive the interest and love a lot from everyone. But the moment the most spotlight in this picture is the Lisa "pinching" Leon's face. This is probably one of the rare times everyone who is seen "princess" temporarily gentle image to move his brother's legs. From before, Lisa has always been seen as a little girl Love is gentle, seriously very kind of "senior"

. Because of that because of that, Lisa was "bullyed" by Leon, making Ha Ho repeatedly complained about the youngest. So Lisa's rising times made many people excitedly interested. It's one of the couple's couple of Vietnamese showbiz, Lisa - Leon currently owns Instagram accounts for hundreds of thousands of tracks
The images and videos of both are always about huge interaction, Ha Ho repeatedly have to lose their charisms. In the stage of stress because of the epidemic, Lisa - Leon's lovely moments will definitely contribute to appease everyone's spirit. Lang Duong

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